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Helena Wiltshire

A 24-year-old has launched a subscription box which provides premium home decor and lifestyle products from small and independent UK businesses, to help fellow entrepreneurs.

Helena Wiltshire is a fashion and marketing graduate who started her own mask-making business after the pandemic thwarted her chances of securing a job using her degree, and now she’s helping other independent traders.

Helena began making and selling Covid-19 face masks in March 2020 after struggling to find a job in the fashion or marketing industries as opportunities dried up during the pandemic.

Now, a year on, she has launched Wiltshire & Willow, which puts together gift boxes containing products made by other entrepreneurs, to help promote them and generate sales.

“After graduating from Regent's University London with a fashion and marketing degree during the pandemic, there wasn’t a lot of options for me,” Helena said, “I knew that I wanted to put my degree to practice, so I set up a company making face masks and marketed them through Instagram.

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When I joined with Wiltshire Masks, not only did I realise how many small businesses exist on the platform, but I was amazed by the talent and the community that was very welcoming and supportive.

                              Helena Wiltshire

Helena was stunned at just how many creative and innovative businesses she discovered: “I realised that if I didn’t know how to find these businesses before, they must have such a tough time gaining attention.

“With mask sales declining as the pandemic went on, I decided to create the boxes for people like me – who loved small businesses but had no way to learn about and reach them. I’ve created a space where small businesses can reach an even bigger audience – where people don’t miss out on them and can discover them sooner.”

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By contributing to every business that features in the box by purchasing directly from them, Wiltshire & Willow ensures that every purchase goes towards supporting a small businesses dream.

In the UK, it’s been reported by the Financial Times that the number of new businesses in the midst of the pandemic had risen by 30% in December 2020 compared to 2019.


With the ever-growing market becoming a tougher place for new businesses to breakthrough, Wiltshire & Willow are a platform that connects keen consumers with ideas and products from innovative new businesses local to them.

Wiltshire & Willow boxes are delivered straight to your door every other month. Each box contains 4-5 full size, premium home decor and lifestyle products from small and independent UK based businesses. The service assures customers that, each month, every box has a value way over the price tag.

You can discover the details of each individual product for the month’s box on their website.

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E-mail: wiltshireandwillow@gmail.com


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PO Box 6945, London, W1A 6US


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