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Experts reveal how to use Vodka and Fruit to clean your home

With Spring right around the corner and lockdown rules lifting we need to make our homes look squeaky clean for when our family and friends are allowed to come over. Instead of using harsh chemical products why not turn to simple household items.  Stelrad, radiator manufacturers and interior experts have revealed some simple ways to clean your home using items that we all have in the cupboards, so you can save money and clean your home - win win!


Vodka to remove carpet stains:

You might think vodka’s only use is for a nice drink on a Friday night, but you may want to think again. If you have a tough stain on carpet simply use a small amount of alcohol such as vodka. If you can’t get to the spillage right away, lightly dab it first. Otherwise, use the vodka and a sponge on the area and it’ll be gone in no time!  


Vinegar and Lemon juice to clean the microwave:

If you’re sick of a dirty microwave then the easiest and quickest way to clean is to zap a bowl of vinegar and lemon juice in the microwave for around a minute. After, the microwave will be filled with steam, using a damp cloth wipe around and it’ll be looking good as new, not to mention smelling fresh!


Toothpaste to remove dirt:

Toothpaste has a lot more uses that you may initially think. As well as cleaning teeth, it also can be used all around the bathroom to clean the skink, scrub the toilet and in the shower. It doesn’t just have to stay in the bathroom, it can work its magic in other rooms too. Using toothpaste you can clean the rubber trim around shoes as well as using it to shine rusty pots and pans in the kitchen.  

Ruler and a cloth to clean behind a radiator:

We’ve all been there, spotting an old sock stuck and a layer of dust behind the radiator. Experts suggest using a ruler with a cloth wrapped around to easily and quickly remove dust and anything trapped from behind your radiators. 


Use fruit To clean worktops:

Most of us have fruit bowls sitting on the kitchen worktops, so instead of chucking unwanted fruit away why not give it a go to clean the house. Citric fruits such as lemons can easily cut through grease to leave kitchen and bathroom surfaces squeaky clean. Grapefruit is also useful for cleaning larger surfaces; mix the fruit with sugar which creates a paste to use to clean. 


Baking Soda for surfaces:

Another handy hack experts reveal is stocking up on baking soda. Commonly used in baking, baking soda also has several other uses all round the home. For the kitchen, sprinkle into bins once a week which will help absorb odors. You could also make a paste with white vinegar to use to clean surfaces. Finally, experts recommend that you use it in the bathroom, sprinkle onto the shower tray or bath to remove soap marks and stains. Thank us later. 

Content Provided by Stelrad who Commissioned the Research

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