A new heating and cooling system from the US could spell the end for space-consuming radiators and unsightly air conditioning units in UK homes. 


Installed in half a million homes and businesses throughout the US, The Unico System provides heating, cooling and ventilation through discrete ceiling outlets that resemble LED spotlights.


Record summer temperatures and the ongoing Covid-19 crisis are seeing more and more savvy self-builders exploring cooling, ventilation and air filtration as a way of improving both the condition and quality of the air we breathe.


Ventilation, such as that offered by the Unico System, has been identified by the Health & Safety Executive as a key way of reducing the risk of spreading coronavirus.


Without ventilation viruses and other disease and allergen causing contaminants can get trapped within homes. Ventilation introduces fresh outside air and helps to remove these contaminants by allowing internal air to leave the property.


The Unico System can also be fitted with ultraviolet filtration which destroys virus causing pathogens and microbes.


Fully compatible with all heat sources including boilers and heat pumps, the Unico System can be used to deliver heating, cooling and ventilation both now and after the 2025 cut-off for gas boilers in new-build homes.  


The near silent, system, uses aspiration to deliver draft free heating and cooling ensuring temperature differentials are no greater than one degree throughout the home.

A Stylish Alternative to Radiators that cool and                                  Ventilate your home

"UK home owners can now enjoy all year-round superior climate-control and comfort delivered by the discrete UNICO small bore system."

Fact sheet

System cost: 

  • From £5,000 for a three-bed property dependant on size and building type

Installation cost: 

  • From £3,500 for a three-bed property dependant on size and building type

Energy usage and running costs: 

  • Operating at much lower temperatures the Unico System uses significantly less energy than a traditional radiator system. 

  • 97% of the energy used is delivered to the conditioned rooms making the system significantly more efficient than conventional heating and cooling options. 

  • The Unico System reduces humidity by 30% more than standard air conditioning units, so less cooling is needed to achieve a comfortable temperature

Design consideration: 

  • Frees up space by eliminating the need for space-consuming radiators throughout the home. 


  • Creates draft-free heating and cooling through aspiration eliminating hot and cold spots.

  • Near silent operation under 30 decibels making it much quieter than conventional air conditioning.

The UNICO system is America’s number one supplier for small bore home heating and climate control systems and fits where other conventional cooling and heating system can’t. Its simple modular design enables you to select the best system according to your life style and budget. It is the perfect option for any new build property or self-build project where the system can be designed to fit perfectly within the fabrication of the building.


It is also an ideal solution for top floor installations in both the new build and retrofit market where loft space is available. The system is designed as a standalone solution but can also work in combination with traditional radiators and underfloor heating offering real choice and flexibility.


A modular system that is quick, clean and easy to install. Available in horizontal or vertical configurations our 5 basic models will cater for all types and size of property in the residential new build, retrofit and light commercial sector but in particular the UK self-build market where home owners are looking for a complete climate control solution.

The discrete and stylish outlets allow home owners to get maximum use of their available internal walls, be more creative and make the most of their interior living space.

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