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REVEALED: The U.K's Most Stylish City

With the Coronavirus pandemic encouraging may of us to appreciate all the UK has to offer, the question still stands - which UK city is the most stylish?

Leading interior design company, Dowsing & Reynolds, decided to carry out a study with a unique index to reveal the most stylish city in the U.K.

The unique index included scoring each city on cultural infrastructure (listed buildings and museums), chicness (boutique hotels), interest in style (online searches related to interior design) and future potential (number of and quality of interior design courses).


Here are the key findings: Key Findings/News Hooks:

REVEALED: Bath is the most stylish city in the U.K (perhaps the Bridgerton effect is working)


REVEALED: St. Albans is the chicest city in the U.K

The North West has the biggest interest in style, with Salford being a clear winner

London took the top spot of future potential, with the biggest range of design courses on offer.

Xander Shreenan, Interior Designer at Dowsing & Reynolds, commented: "It’s well-known that our intrigue around interior design sky-rocketed during the UK’s multiple lockdowns, but interest has remained strong in these stunning cities. We’ve seen Salford residents search for ways to vamp up their living room lighting and design, while Cambridge locals favour upcycling their furniture.”

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Sitting comfortably outside a pavement cafe sipping coffee, you’re people watching. There’s no mistaking where you are. Blindfolded, you could tell whether you’re in Barcelona, Rome, Berlin or Copenhagen. Each city has its particular sounds, smells and atmosphere: unfamiliar accents, food cooking, the clink of glasses, cigarette smoke drifts on the breeze. And when you throw in the architecture, the colours, the fashion and well, just the feeling of the place, it’s exhilarating.

And while every city’s style is distinct, you sometimes wonder why some cities appear more stylish than others. Is it that fashion and aesthetics are more important to people who live in certain places? That seems unlikely. Or could it be that cities which exude style draw dreamers, creatives and visual innovators to them – perpetuating their reputation for sophistication and flair? Mmm. That seems more likely.

But you wonder if this still holds true today, given that the cost of big city living has been driving creatives out of these centres for decades now. You grab your bag and scarf and call to the dog. As you head out for a walk, you’re still lost in thought.

                 WE TAKE A CLOSER LOOK

Equally intrigued, we decided to conduct our own research into the most stylish city in the UK, right now, in 2021.

For the study, we created a unique Dowsing & Reynolds index – scoring each UK city on cultural infrastructure (listed buildings and museums), chicness (boutique hotels), interest in style (online searches related to interior design) and future potential (number of and quality of interior design courses).


The results are sure to surprise you. Jump to the full results.


When we measured the number of listed buildings and museums in each city on a per capita basis, Bath came out as the clear winner, its lovely honey-coloured Georgian buildings housing an astonishing number of attractions and collections.

UK’s stylish city revealed 22.jpg

Chester was in second place with its memorable black-and-white Tudor buildings, higgledy-piggledy lanes and wonderfully preserved city walls. And York came in third with its Viking history, railway museum and awe-inspiring Minster. 

London, on the other hand, was only 30th on our per capita list of cultural and heritage sites, despite its many landmarks and monuments. Does this suggest that the capital’s size actually limits access to arts and culture for its resident population? Perhaps.


The cathedral city of St Albans took the top spot in our chicness index. As well as having Roman roots, St. Albans is home to some of the highest-rated boutique hotels in the UK. St. Michael’s Manor offers one of a kind accommodation in a grand setting near the abbey, while Torrington Hall is a chic gem, nestled inside a 19th century mansion right in the centre of town.

The UK’s23.jpg

Bath was in second place, with unique, quirky boutique hotels aplenty like No. 15 Great Pulteney treating visitors to Georgian splendour with a twist, even while they sip and sleep. 

Third place, meanwhile, went to surprise destination – Wakefield – a quietly cultured little city with its own monthly art walk, as well as the Hepworth Gallery and Yorkshire Sculpture Park.



When it came to the number of interior design-related searches made online, the North West outshone other areas of the UK.

 UK’s stylish city 24.jpg

The city of Salford scored most highly. Only a stone’s throw from central Manchester, Salford has a strong arts scene and a fierce industrial heritage. It’s also home to a thriving media hub in MediaCity – a reason, perhaps, for its above-average interest in visuals. 

Fellow North West city Chester took second place, only slightly behind Salford. And pretty, leafy Cambridge came in third with its meandering river, independent shops and breath-taking architecture.


                            FUTURE POTENTIAL

We analysed the range of design courses on offer in UK cities and created a ranking index based on the number of available courses and their prestige within the industry. 

It wasn’t a surprise to find that London took the top spot with a world-leading range of design courses at the likes of the Royal College of Art and Goldsmiths. Students here can experience inspiring teaching and follow in the footsteps of design alumni like James Dyson, Terence Conran and Stella McCartney.

UK’stylish city25.jpg

Former European Capital of Culture Liverpool was in second place with a handful of seriously prestigious courses on offer at the University of Liverpool and a style-conscious city setting that’s home to the UK’s largest festival of contemporary art. 

Third place in this category was a tie between Birmingham, Nottingham and Plymouth, with innovative courses across the full range of design disciplines offered in all three cities.


                       THE OVERALL WINNER

Taking all of the categories above into account, our research reveals that it’s a small spa town in North East Somerset that wears the UK style crown. Congratulations Bath!


A city long associated with rest, recuperation and recreation, Bath’s long history of offering bliss and comfort has given rise to a seriously luxurious aesthetic and playful interest in design. Visitors aren’t short of visually lovely buildings, thoughtful museums and beautiful hotels, while the architecture and ethos inspire and nurture its residents on a daily basis.

Bath scored highly in all categories except future potential. This may be to do with the fact that its university has traditionally built its reputation on hard academic subjects rather than visual arts courses. You only have to look around Bath to see that its interest in style and design is very much alive and well. Bath, your crown is well deserved.

Written By Sarah
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