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Top Priority Home Interiors during Lockdowns

Since we’re home a lot more than usual, many of us are turning to renovations to make our homes nicer places to spend our time. Heating and radiator specialists Stelrad.com wanted to find out which home interior tweaks were top priority during lockdown.

Using content marketing tool Semrush, Stelrad recorded the Google search volumes for various interior design related words and phrases to see which ones had the highest average monthly search volumes over the last 12 months.

Study highlights:

Radiator covers got the highest number of average monthly searches at 201,000

Wall art and Radiator paint came in second and third, with 110,000 and 27,100 searches respectively

Mrs Hinch shared a radiator cleaning hack that went viral in July 2020

Searches for keyword variations of Radiator have gone up 26% since July 2020

Keyword variations for search term ‘Mrs Hinch radiator’ are up 600% since July, indicating she’s one of the reasons for the sudden surge in radiator design related searches

The least searched trends are Bookshelf art and Washing machine paint

Bookshelf art may not be widely searched, but searches have gone up 79% since lockdown began, perhaps because of bookshelves/offices being heavily featured on video calls


  • Stelrad searched reddit interior design threads for the most mentioned tweaks being made to people’s homes over the last year. 

  • They then used Semrush to ascertain the average monthly Google searches for these terms over the past year in the UK.

  • They then used this information to determine the most popular lockdown interior design trends.


 Content and link provided by  Stelrad.com who commissioned the data.

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