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Spoken word poetry for you and your plants

 London – It’s good for our mental health to talk, so why not talk to your plants too? In fact, two in five (42%) Brits talk to their plants, to give ourselves a mental boost, alleviate stress or as a result of loneliness. It’s also proven that talking to your plants can help them grow.


Now, a series of spoken word poetry is available to listen to online for free. The poems from The Growers, an online plants retailer, launched in partnership with poet Matt Abbott, focus around the relationship we build with our plants and the positive impact they have on our mental wellbeing, to listen to at home, on the move, or even with your plants.








The series of five poems also mark the UK emerging from multiple lockdowns, a time which has impacted mental wellbeing of people of all ages, from across the country.


It’s not just our own wellbeing that striking up a conversation with your plants can improve. The tones of your voice can actually support the growth of your plants, through their positive response to the vibrations of the human voice and an increase in the production of carbon dioxide, resulting in photosynthesis. So say ‘allo to your Aloe for some all-round feel good vibes.  


If you’re the one of ten (9%) of people who don’t talk to their plants due to not knowing what to say to them, fear not! Your plants don’t need to be at a disadvantage, as The Growers’ brand-new Photosympathisers podcast is the perfect soundtrack to keep your plants happy and thriving. 


Poet Matt Abbott has lovingly crafted five poems touching on how the dulcet tones of a loving plant owner can help a plant to grow and flourish, whether it’s small talk or a natter with your Nemesia, reading love letters to your Lillies, or discussing football scores with your Fuschias. 

The Growers

As a freelancer, being able to even contemplate taking some 'me time' was unimaginable until recently. The arrival of some plants from The Growers has completely transformed that. And writing these poems has helped me to properly appreciate it!


Matt Abbott

Throughout lockdown plant purchases have soared, with three in five (60%) Brits having bought plants during the pandemic, and many of us finding companionship with the new succulents or spider plants that we have taken on to care for, nurture and grow.


Plants have been proven to boost mental wellbeing and make life during lockdown easier for the majority of us, as seven in ten (69%) proud plant owners agreed that having plants in their home during lockdown has made the pandemic easier to live through due to reasons such as brightening their homes (30%), making their outdoor space more pleasant (29%) or benefitting their mental wellbeing (19%). 

Andrew Fuller, Plant Doctor and Head Growing Guru at The Growers, said: “People find comfort in talking to their plants, like they would a baby or a dog, and it might surprise a lot of people to know that it’s reciprocated and plants do actually find comfort in the human voice. The frequency of your voice makes them happy, which stimulates growth and results in a healthy plant. 


“Our Photosympathisers podcast aims to stimulate growth in your plants by triggering a response through speech. So play your plants a poem, sit back, relax, and watch your plants flourish.”

The Photosympathisers podcast can be accessed on The Growers website following this link: https://wearethegrowers.co.uk/blogs/news/photosympathisers

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The Growers is an online plants retailer, led by an established team of plant lovers and experts, and centred around the belief that anyone can grow. 


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