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Rudolph Diesel: How CGI Can Help With Home Designs

The founder of a premium interior design and home staging brand has revealed how beneficial using CGI is when designing a home.

Rudolph Diesel, the founder of Rudolph Diesel London, says: “During the briefing stage on each project we encourage clients to have CGI’s created by us in order for them to visualise what the end result will look like.

“The idea is that we get the project up to a point where we have an interior schedule ready more or less. This schedule consists of what door will be used, what the fireplace will look like, what type of carpet will be laid down, the lighting throughout, every single detail in a property is addressed and at this point, we start on the CGI.”

Rudolph explained that many clients find it hard to visualise the end result, with so much time is spent on the smaller detail that it is easy to forget about the bigger picture.

CGI — Rudolph Diesel London-1.jpg
CGI by Rudolph Diesel

“As designers, we are used to the smaller detail versus the bigger picture, but clients can find it tricky, and it is only when they see the CGI that they realise and visualise the end result and it is at this point that we tweak things,” he says, “Our CGI’s are super realistic and the client can see for the first time what the headboard of their master bedroom will look like with the fabric we chose, the client might wish to make tweaks and all this can be done at this stage without having had to commission the making of the headboard which in turns saves the client money.

“Space planning is the other element that CGI’s help with, often when looking at architects plans you think you have more space, but the truth of the matter is that the space is often smaller in reality when you see it in a three- dimensional way.”

CGI — Rudolph Diesel London-2.jpg

Rudolph adds: “Having the CGI’s also help the trades such as electricians, the contractor etc. We often forget that the trade team are not involved with the creation of the interiors and showing them what the end result will look like includes them and this allows them to brief their teams as they know the furniture layout, what wall will be upholstered and so on.







“We have found a large number of our clients, Estate Agents and Property Developers use us for our CGI services. By engaging us to assist them in the creation of the internal and external CGI’s we are able to stage the show homes based on the schedules we have prepared. This means that the developer or agents can go to market and sell off-plan before the project has even started being built. By the time the development has been built, we can stage the show home exactly as we staged it in the CGI with the same furniture, accessories and lighting.”

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