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“Think about your hobbies, you have the space so why not dedicate it to giving yourself the perfect getaway spot for you to do what you love.”

Connor Prestwood

There are a multitude of spare rooms in the UK, which got us thinking, where in the UK lays claim to the most spare rooms? And if you owned one, what could you be doing with it to make the most out of the space?

Here at Dowsing and Reynolds, we've crunched the numbers, and broken down the number of spare rooms per 10,000 people in each of the UK's cities to reveal St. David's comes out on top, with 81 rooms per 10,000 people - closely followed by Canterbury and Chester. But how can you make the most of your spare room?

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Dowsing & Reynolds, Leeds

Dowsing & Reynolds’ interior designers, Xander Shreenan and Connor Prestwood provide some tips below:


1. Deciding what to do with a spare room

Connor Prestwood says, “It can be really easy to fall into the trap of just throwing any old junk that way, just because you can. Not only is this counterproductive and can cause added stress at the thought of clutter piling up, it’s a wasted opportunity to be a bit more creative with your room designs.


“Think about your hobbies, you have the space so why not dedicate it to giving yourself the perfect getaway spot for you to do what you love.”

2. Deciding what colour or theme your guest room should be

Xander Shreenan says, “Think about your guest bedroom like a downstairs bathroom... This is a room you can experiment with and make the design decisions you are too afraid to make elsewhere... yet!


“Why not try out that vibrant wallpaper you’ve had your eye on, or get creative with paint colours and shapes.”

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3. Making a small room look bigger

Xander Shreenan says, “Hanging mirrors opposite windows is a great way to flood light in a small space and make it feel bigger, reflecting nature back into the room.

“Even in small spaces, don’t be afraid to use multiple light sources. Installing up and down lights on the walls can help make them feel taller. Similarly, painting the ceiling the same colour as the walls creates flow and means lower ceilings don’t appear as ‘stumped’ like they can do when painted a contrasting white.

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“When considering window treatments, use floor length curtains or even slightly longer than floor length to create a gathered effect, to lengthen the window.”

4. Making the most of a box room by utilising it for storage space (wardrobe, library, playroom)


Connor Prestwood says, “Small spaces offer exciting opportunities to diversify a space with multi-functional pieces of furniture. Think day beds that can turn the room from a playroom to a guest room, and shelving units that fold down into desks for those working-from-home days.”

5. Planning a layout for a small spare room

Xander Shreenan says, “Sometimes if rooms are really small with awkward layouts, it can be tricky to find a purpose for them. Think about your top priority for the space, are you wanting to create a simple space to relax in, or does it need a flexible purpose? Prioritising how you will use the space will help you place the right furniture and create the best flow in the room.”

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Xander Shreenan and Connor Prestwood

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