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How to cure your home’s winter blues with dopamine décor, maximalism and other popular trends this season

As winter approaches, Blooming Artificial has collaborated with interior design expert Jess Hurrell to reveal the most popular interior design trends for the season.

By following these simple suggestions and using easy-to-care for artificial plants achieve your favourite trends, your home will be transformed into a space you adore this winter.

Dopamine décor

Dopamine décor is a new phenomenon that takes inspiration from ‘dopamine dressing’ in the fashion industry. The trend uses bright colours, patterns and positive quotes throughout the home to boost your mood, ideal for those who feel a little blue in the winter. Bouquets crafted with vibrant flowers are a wonderful way to bring in colour to a room and rebuild those connections to spring and summer.


Why not take things a step further and combine your interior design and clothing style? Indulge in bright colours and patterns in both your home decorations and wardrobe. “Dressing like your home is absolutely a thing. I know I do”, Jess comments.

Jess Hurrell
Blooming Artificial Tequila Sunrise Bouquet.jpg

Blooming Artificial recommends the artificial tequila sunrise bouquet for aligning with the dopamine décor trend and transforming your home with glorious shades of yellow, orange and green.

70s revival

The 70s revival combines joyful textures and patterns in both fashion and interior design. For some, it is a great way to be expressive in their home and add a feeling of nostalgia to their life.

Jess Hurrell comments, “... plants, and lots of them, are key to creating that boho vibe. Palms, monstera, sansevieria are all very 70’s in style.” Jess styles her own  artificial sansevieria (£50) by the fireplace in the living room, adding both colour and pattern to the space, as seen below.



Japandi features slatted walls, wood panelling and sustainable materials as it adopts two ways of living; hygge, a Scandinavian term for cosiness at home, and wabi-sabi, a Japanese term for the beauty of imperfection.

Jess suggests that “a simple trailing bamboo bush (£15) or string of pearls can look really effective hanging over a shelf, or mantelpiece” for a japandi themed space, as she has styled below.

Blooming Artificial Jess Hurrell Imagery 3.JPG


Maximalism is the rejection of minimalism – it's about being creative, bold and spirited with your style. Patterns, prints, textures and highly saturated colours are key traits of the popular interior design trend. 

With such a free and expressive trend, it can be tough deciding where to begin. For initial experiments of Maximalism within the home, Jess suggests taking the “more is more approach, with shelves bursting with greenery”.  

Blooming Artificial Jess Hurrell Imagery.JPG

To read more from Blooming Artificial’s interview with Jess Hurrell, revealing Jess’ tips on aligning with the winter 2023 interior design trends and developing your own style, please visit:  

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