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Make the most of your space – Five tips to transform unused areas 
By Matthew Currington, Technical Director, 
The Lighting Superstore 


As house temperatures decrease and many homeowners spend more time indoors, you may be looking to make the most of the space you already have. 

And for the most part, people don’t have the luxury of having separate rooms for each activity they do at home.  

Here are some top tips on how you can transform that unused spaces in your home into charming yet functional spaces.   

Get under the stairs 

The space underneath your stairs is understandably an awkward spot, and can often be left to gather clutter, rather than being a useful space. 

If you’re looking for more storage in your home, consider adding some built-in shelving to maximise the storage in an awkward nook. For a deep staircase, pull-out drawers are a great way to make the most of the space, while still making it easy to reach everything. 

Alternatively, add in a long table top to create a desk area underneath the stairs. Be sure to opt for a chair that can be easily pushed underneath the desk to avoid creating a tripping hazard in the walkway.  

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Family Handyman

Make better use of a wardrobe 

Of course, the more closet space the better. But sometimes your closets can gather unnecessary clutter, rather than serving a practical purpose. If you’re running short on space though, it could be useful as an extra study or work area.  

Simply remove the shelves and instead place one sturdier shelf at desk height. This could be especially handy if you don’t have a dedicated workspace and would like to close off your ‘office’ at the end of the day. 

For some extra flair, add bold wallpaper to the inside of the closet and install some wall lamps. Not only will they provide essential light in a dark space, but will immediately make your new spot feel more put together. 

Turn a shed into a living space 

A garden shed can easily become the go-to spot for storing your old junk, but if you’re looking for a she-shed or man cave to enjoy, then a quick revamp of a garden shed is an ideal project. 


Decluttering the space, adding a fresh lick of paint and adding a comfy armchair will do wonders for previously unused space. If getting electricity to the shed is a challenge, consider battery-operated or rechargeable lights.  

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Outdoor Living Today
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Add shelves in unusual spots 

A little bit of creative thinking can help you find some new and perhaps unusual spots to hang some shelve. If you’re running low on wall space, extending shelves over doors or windows is a great way to get an additional spot for your beloved décor items. 

Alternatively, installing corner shelves or a single shelf that wraps around the top of the room can be handy for providing more surface space.  

A few spotlights or wall lights can also help make the shelves a key feature in your space.  

Find creative storage ideas 

Not every storage solution in your home has to be visible – in fact, making use of some hidden storage options in your home is an ideal way to prevent your home from feeling cluttered. 

If you have plasterboard walls, cutting into these to make way for shelving can be a great way of creating storage space in smaller areas, like a bathroom. These shelves can be left open for easy access to toiletries or could be hidden behind a mirror on a hinge, to provide some great hidden storage. 

For smaller storage ideas, make the most of the empty space under the bed, in a bench or under a coffee table. These are ideal spots for lesser-used items, freeing up valuable cupboard space.  

Matthew Currington, Technical Director
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