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The Most Plant-Obsessed city

One interior trend that has taken the UK by storm throughout lockdown is house-plants. The debate on how to care for house plants as well as the mental boost they give us has been widely discussed in the last twelve months. Lockdown has clearly made us prioritise a calm and comfortable atmosphere in our own homes. 
















In light of this, leading interior company Dowsing & Reynolds decided to look into this further. They collected Google Search Data from the last twelve months to look at which UK city (per capita) is obsessed with house plants the most - here are the key findings: 


Key Findings: 

  • Bristol is the most plant-obsessed city with the biggest search volume of 1024 per capita 

  • Leeds came out second with 759 searches per capita 

  • The North kept on winning with Newcastle having 713 searches per capita

  • Edinburgh also came in 4th place with 701 searches per capita 

  • Manchester also came in 5th place with 694 searches per capita

By region London with its population of 8,920,076 had average searches of 50,630 or 568 per 100k followed by the West Midlands with a population 1,160,254 with average searches 6,020, 519 per 100k.

Other regions in the data showed the South West with 577,246 people with 5,910 searches on average or 1,024 per 100k being more active than the North West with a population of 586,889 with average searches of 3,800 or 648 per 100k.

Data for Scotland at population of 482,005 with 3,380 average searches at 701 per 100k and Wales with 354, 178 people having 850 searches on average at 240 per 100k and at the bottom the South West with its population of 265,792 with 1,620 searches on average or 609 per 100k.

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