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Dowsing & Reynolds Outdoor Bar Tips

1.What are some decor essentials that every backyard bar needs?

People are attracted to light, especially if it’s a variety of forms. An outdoor social space like a backyard bar should be well lit with a couple of different lighting arrangements that act as focal points for where you want people to be.


Lighting is also a great way to add interest and personality to a garden or backyard space, just make sure it's IP rated weatherproof.

Add an uplighter to shine up a wall, tall plants or bamboo - it will create lowkey ambience.

Wall lights which show off a low wattage filament LED bulb look beautiful and last a long time.

Look at characterful outdoor lights, like monkeys or ravens to bring a bit of personality and a smile.

 Home Decor -7.jpg

To create a bit of romance, add still or very gently twinkling lights with some outdoor Christmas LED lights in warm white.

2. How can you make your backyard bar colourful?

Consider bright paint colours that uplift your mood if you’re trying to create a vibrant, social space. Or for a more lowkey effect, bring out fun colours in your décor accessories such as furniture, cushions and throws and even artwork if the space is sheltered.


3. How can you incorporate plants into a backyard bar?

Play with scale - don't think small, even if you have a small space. Use big leaf plants like fatsia japonica to create the jungle look or silver-leafed plants like lavender for a Mediterranean feel.

Make a living wall with herb plants like basil, parsley, thyme and mint. This will mean as you brush by you will get the lovely scents as well! And they’re perfect for your cocktails...


Grow a Jasmin or other fragrant climber that perhaps reminds you of those sunny evenings on holiday.

4. How can you beautify/hide any electrical outlets/equipment in a backyard bar?

You could hide unsightly equipment with foliage. If the bar is sheltered or indoors, consider faux foliage – you get the same effect as a real life plant but with zero maintenance, perfect for dark spaces.












Choose a large standing faux plant with wide leaves to liven up corners and smaller trailing plants like artificial ivy to hide wiring on shelves


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