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Swiss bliss – Switzerland tops ranking of countries that offer money AND happiness

Switzerland, with high happiness levels and large purchasing power, tops the list of countries where money meets happiness

The UK is in 14th place – ahead of New Zealand and France, but behind Kosovo and Luxembourg

People living in Switzerland enjoy the world’s best combination of money and happiness, new research by international payment experts RationalFX has revealed.


The study analysed 122 counties on their performance in the World Happiness Report, the cost of living, and residents’ purchasing power to discover which nation offers the best combination of money and happiness.


Though the happiest country is Finland according to The World Happiness Report, it only comes in position four on the list due to a higher cost of living and lower purchasing power than some of the other countries studied.
Switzerland, Image:

Switzerland, with high happiness levels, and large purchasing power, tops the list of countries where money meets happiness, despite a high cost of living.

In second place is Germany as a result of a lower purchasing power and happiness levels than winner Switzerland.

The United States is in third, losing points for a lower happiness rating than the top two, despite a lower cost of living than Switzerland and a higher purchasing power than Germany.

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Colorado, USA, Image:

The Middle East performs well in the ranking with Saudi Arabia and the UAE placing in the top five and ten, respectively. Both gained points for their high purchasing power.

The next two spots are dominated by Europe. Denmark is in position six, scoring highly for happiness but with a lower purchasing power than some of its competitors. Next in seventh place is Sweden, with a slightly lower happiness ranking than Denmark thereby placing lower on the list.

Australia places eighth just behind Denmark due to a lower happiness level. Next is Luxembourg with higher happiness levels than Australia but lower purchasing power.

The United Kingdom came in 14th place, behind Kosovo in 12th and Canada in 13th, but and ahead of New Zealand in 15th and France in 18th. It lost points for a high cost of living and lower purchasing power than some countries yet gained points for high happiness levels.

Where Money Meets Happiness


On the other end of the spectrum Zimbabwe takes the dubious title of the place where lack of money meets unhappiness, scoring poorly on every point.

victoria A and K.jpeg
Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, Image:

Following Zimbabwe is Yemen, Ethiopia, Ivory Coast and Nigeria rounding out the top five list of countries which combine low happiness levels with low purchasing power.


Commenting on the study a spokesperson for Rational FX said,


The old saying is that ‘money can’t buy happiness, however this analysis shows the countries that can offer the best combination of both. Of all the countries analysed, the happiest were not necessarily the wealthiest yet it appears that happiness is definitely correlated with financial stability.

The research was carried out by RationalFX, which is one of Europe’s leading international payment providers, helping businesses and individuals to streamline their bank-to-bank transfers with smart global payment solutions.

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The study analysed three factors, each of which was standardised on a 10 point scale, where the country with the best rating scores 10.:


Happiness rating – from The World Happiness Report 2021 - happiest country scores 10

Cost of living plus rent index – from Numbeo - country with the lowest cost of living scores 10 Purchasing power index – from Numbeo - country with the highest purchasing power scores 10


Each country’s scores across the three factors were averaged to provide a final score out of ten

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