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London's Grandest Buildings to be Hit By Bigger Energy Bills too This Winter

The arrival of October has brought with it, a shift in weather with a dip in temperatures and stormy conditions across the UK. As we reach for our warmer coats and dig out thicker duvets, now that we're feeling the coolness of the autumn season, naturally, we'll we switching on the heating in our homes - maybe for the first time in months.

This week's much cooler temperatures are coinciding with a rise in energy prices, meaning higher gas and electricty bills for millions of households this winter. With this in mind, Edinburgh Boiler Company has compiled some data looking at the heating times and energy usage for some of London's grandest buildings.

Mark Glasgow, Managing Director at the Edinburgh Boiler Company says:


"With recent fluctuations in heating prices, you may recognise bigger bills this winter - much like the London's grandest buildings are set to experience too, as we've identified in the data set. There are, however, a number of things you can do to keep your energy bills to a minimum, including regular boiler servicing, turning off standby appliances, and the installation of a smart thermostat."

The table below provides a quick insight into the energy consumption of some London's grandest buildings and how long it takes to warm them up, once the heating is switched on.

Westminster Abbey
The Gherkin.jpg
The Gherkin
St Pauls Cathedral
Buckingham Palace
Big Ben
* The length of time taken to heat up each building is based on using a 15kW boiler (average). 1kW = 1 hour with an electric heater.
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