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Trending TikTok Gift Wrapping Hacks You NEED To Try 

With the holiday season soon approaching, Find Me a Gift noticed the TikTok hashtag ‘#giftwrappinghacks’ currently trending with over 288.9 million views! Find Me a Gift has collated a list of the best gift wrapping hacks: which ones will you try?

Diagonal Wrapping Tip


Don’t you hate when you don’t have enough wrapping paper?


Well, this first TikTok hack has the perfect solution! Most of us place the gift in the centre of square wrapping paper, but this tip suggests placing the gift diagonally, then folding the paper over each side in order to have enough paper to cover the whole present.

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Leftover Wrapping Paper Uses

Do you hate wasting leftover wrapping paper?


When cutting paper, don’t throw away any leftover scraps. Once finished wrapping a gift, use any leftover paper to add an extra layer. Layering different patterned paper, or adding a pattern to a block colour will add an extra touch of detail. You could even make a gift tag out of paper too!


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Seamless Wrapping Finish

If you’re looking to create a seamless finish to your gift wrapping, then this next hack is for you. Simply add double-sided tape to each end of wrapping paper, this will create a seamless finish, and no tape will be visible.


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Toilet Roll Storage Hack

If you need to store wrapping paper during the Christmas season then try this! Grab a used toilet paper roll - yes, toilet paper roll! Cut a line down the centre of each roll. You can use this as a clasp to place around the wrapping paper to stop it unravelling, the perfect storage solution!

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Measuring Wrapping Paper


Do you guess how much paper you need to wrap a gift?


Cut too much or too little? Try this! Never waste paper again with this hack. Simply use a piece of string to measure around the gift, then with the length of the string, you can measure the same length and width before cutting the correct amount of wrapping paper. Genius!


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Gift Bag Hack

We all use gift bags, but do you know this hack?


To prevent any peeking before Christmas this hack will tightly close the gift bag! When closing a gift bag instead of using tape to close, thread the string (from each side) through the opposite hole then pull together!


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Methodology: Find Me a Gift analysed TikTok’s #giftwrappinghacks page to collate a list of a range of gift wrapping hacks that received the most likes and views.

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