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Top Tips On Pairing Wallpaper with Interior Design to Create a Cosy Escape This Autumn   

There’s something to be said for winter evenings at home. In winter our homes become our retreat: we cuddle up around the fire, enjoy hot chocolates (or mulled wines!) and, quite simply, relax in a way that isn’t quite possible when the sun is shining outside.

We spoke to Alex Whitecroft, Head of Design at I Want Wallpaper to weigh in on the results and to provide some key tips for people looking to escape the cold and create that perfect autumn escape this year. 

With the nights getting darker and the weather outside getting colder, we’re getting excited about the transformations of our homes. Winter calls for cosiness, and there are a number of easy decor tricks you can try to instantly bring a snug, comforting atmosphere to your home.

The key things we’re considering when making our homes cosy for winter are creating warmth and adding textures with lighting, soft furnishings, furniture and, of course, wallpaper.

Alex Whitecroft

Channel Log Cabin Chic

When we think of cold winter scenes, one of the first things that comes to mind is a log cabin. It conjures up images of warm wooden wooden walls, kicked off shoes by the door, roaring fires and calming vibes - a perfect look to channel if you're trying to create the perfect Autumn escape.   

But it can be a challenge to get that log cabin look in a brick home or apartment, but don’t worry - wallpaper has you covered. With such a variety of designs and textures, there’s something for everyone. Look out for distressed rustic woods in warm tones like walnut or oak to create that cosy cabin feel. 

It’s not just wood - often considered cold, stone effects are a great way to create that cabin or rural cottage vibe. Look for warm beige tones for that rustic edge. Often considered cold, grey stone and brick effects work wonders when paired with stand out hard and soft furnishings, making a wonderfully warming combination to tie a room together. 

To bring an especially cosy edge to your living room this winter, allow your fireplace to take centerstage. A feature wall around a fireplace creates an instant focal point — choose a classic brick design to maximize the natural, rustic theme. No fireplace? Strategically placed lamps and candles can also cast that same comforting glow over a room. Choose a statement lamp with a warm bulb to replicate the soft light of a natural fire.

Play Around with Textures 

From snuggling up on the sofa with a fluffy throw blanket to adorning your home with luxurious scatter cushions, textures are a must for creating a cosy vibe come winter. Texture adds both warmth and depth, so is ideal for creating a relaxing atmosphere in your home.

Again, soft furnishings are the obvious starting point. Choose a faux fur blanket to drape over your sofa, or invest in a fluffy rug to take the cosiness of your living room up a notch.

Faux effect wallpapers are a great shout here, perfect for creating an inviting, natural feel in your home. Brick effect wallpaper designs can now incorporate the rugged feel of the real thing, adding a whole new layer to a room - perfect for rustic living rooms and active kitchen spaces. Alternatively, classic pattern designs can add texture and comfort. This Country Tartan Wallpaper from Holden Decor is made with a hessian effect which goes a long way in adding depth and comfort to a room. 

Have fun with Classic, Comforting Patterns

Patterns are ideal for bringing a new and exciting edge to a home. Not only do they add a lot of texture to a room, but they’re also a great comfort, conjuring memories of warm throw blankets, cosy patterned socks, and freshly laundered clothes and bedding. Create a warming glow with cosy layers of tweed, plaid and woollen weaves.


An absolute classic, Tartan is a great pattern to bring into your home during the colder months. It’s strong tensile feel and versatile patterning make it a great choice and the colours that it can bring can range from cooler greys and blues to bold reds and greens. Ideal for adding a festive touch come December, they can still look stylish all year round. 

Use tartan cushions and small home accessories for a subtle winter vibe, or make an impression with tartan wallpaper. Check out this Mono Grey Tartan Check Wallpaper by Arthouse for example - Paired well with warm woods and soft furnishings this stunning tartan prints guarantees to bring the ultimate cosy winter vibe to your home.

Explore Seasonal Colour Palettes

As we head into the cooler autumn months, see a lot of colours change as the leaves begin to fall and the nights come in, which makes now the perfect time to explore seasonal colour themes. Autumn offers a palette of colours from light yellow ochres through to deep rich reds and more! Fom festive events to the falling leaves outside your window, colour inspiration can be found everywhere.

When it comes to your soft furnishings, bring the rich autumn colour palette of turning-leaf tones indoors by incorporating fiery reds and comforting ceruleans where possible or even punches of orange with a throw blankets and pillows. When it comes to hard furnishings, use weathered wooden furniture and bric-a-brac to achieve that true autumn attitude. 

When it comes to your walls, there’s a lot of variety depending on what kind of vibe you’re going for. Adding wood effects, go with warm tones like oak, walnut or cherry. Want to add stone instead? Look for beige tones to add warms, or pair cool darks with warm furnishings to add a whole new layer of depth.  If patterns are more your thing, don’t be afraid to be creative - combination is key here. Consider everything from your hard and soft furnishings to the dimensions of your room to create the perfect stunning autumn escape.

Let There Be Light

As the nights close in and weather patterns turn, lighting becomes a more significant factor in our day to day lives, especially in the way it interacts with our home. Artificial lights can become overbearing and harsh, so a good combination of natural and soft lighting is definitely the way to go.  

When the dark nights close in, pair warm lampshades with moderate bulbs to add some soft and warm light to your space. Think strategically about where you want to place them - from floor lamps to tabletops, there’s always a lighting option for any situation - and why not add candles to add a whole new sense experience? 

When it comes to your walls, wallpaper can add a whole new dimension to the way light interacts with your space. It can bring subtle yet powerful elements like texture, patterns, reflection and contrast into the mix, adding a whole new dynamic to consider and play with in a way that’s often lost with painted surfaces. 


Reflective wallpaper is always an excellent choice. Not only is it a fantastic way to create a wonderfully dynamic feeling through patterning and texture, but it can reflect up to twice as much light!


And there are so many options at hand. Embossed foil wallpaper combines texture and light to great effect, adding a sense of warmth without sacrificing the light feeling of the room. Light metallic wallpaper is brilliant for adding a layer of sophistication, while shimmer effects are great for reflecting light, making any space feel light and cosy. 

Bring the Outdoors In 

With the nights getting colder, it’s easy to want to shut out the outside as much as possible. But it's not all doom and gloom - in fact, bringing the outdoors in is exactly what you should do! 

Nature has always been at the heart of autumn and winter design, and for good reason. It’s a great way to evoke that classic rustic feeling, of cosy cottages and rugged farmhouses which has stood the test of time. I think it's one of the aspects that makes it such a compelling look - it adds a sense of pastoral calm and comfort in a way that makes you feel warm and welcome.

When it comes to furnishings, add wreaths to your doors and autumnal potpourri in bowls to add a touch of natural texture to your home. Additionally, authentic wooden bowls and logs by the fire are a great way to add the subtle warming touch of the outdoors.


When it comes to wallpaper, nature can be incorporated in wonderfully subtle ways. From trees and branches to animal inspired prints, there's always a theme that can tie your room together to add that cosy, calm feel. This Etched Stag Pattern Wallpaper from Arthouse is a great example of how nature can inspire and influence your interiors. 

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