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How to prep your home for guests at Christmas - Your 15-day guide

With the festive season in full swing, Christmas plans are in the calendar and preparation is well underway. From ordering the turkey and hanging up decorations to figuring out who’s hosting and where the work starts now! However, getting ready to host a full house of guests may feel like an overwhelming task.

To help organise the next few weeks, property experts at Essential Living have shared their 15-day guide for getting your space (whether that be house or apartment) prepped and ready this Christmas. 


15 Days Before Christmas 

Start decluttering sooner rather than later

The best place to start is by decluttering your home, especially the areas that will be used the most or rooms that guests will be staying in. If you haven’t already got all your Christmas decorations down from the attic then you’re in luck; it’s far easier to have a clear-out before this happens as you can really see what you’re working with. 

No one enjoys decluttering but it’s an important job nonetheless. Try to do it in stages, taking the job room by room until everything falls into place. It’s easy to get distracted and jump between rooms but this will result in mess everywhere, and make the job feel more difficult than it’s supposed to be. 


Top tip: use the Marie Kondo method to help you decide what to keep and what doesn’t spark joy so should be recycled, sold or donated.

Give the walls a fresh lick of paint 

From scuff marks and permanent markers to mucky paws, your walls may be looking a bit worse for wear. To give the rooms in your home a bit of a refresh without doing anything too drastic, allocate some time to touching up those marks with some paint, or even redecorate by incorporating warm winter tones to compliment any festive lighting.

10 Days Before Christmas 

Prep the guest bedroom 

With only a fortnight to go until Christmas, it’s not unusual to have a bit of a panic about all the things you haven’t yet sorted. Your ‘to-do’ list may be looking pretty extensive at this point so getting your spare room ready for guests will give you a bit more headspace before you tackle the rest. Plus, it’s a necessary job that needs doing and you will have the satisfaction of ticking off one whole room afterwards.

Once the room is cleaned from top to bottom, you can start thinking about the fun stuff. To give your guests a deluxe bedtime experience, you can kit out their room with lots of soft furnishings, layers and textures. For some extra special festive touches, add Christmas-themed bedding, cushions or a brightly coloured throw to the end of the bed for a cosy feel. 

Double-check kitchen supplies 

There’s nothing worse than getting ready to dish up your Christmas dinner and realising that you’re a plate short. We recommend having a look through your kitchen cupboards first to check you have all the right cookware and dishes. 

Whilst you’re doing that, now is also a good time to stock up on other household essentials like cleaning supplies, batteries for new toys and then some painkillers ready for Boxing Day. 

5 Days Before Christmas 

Deep clean your space

With one week to go, you’re on the last leg of the prep and as Christmas Day edges closer, it’s the perfect excuse to do a thorough clean of your house, doing the chores you typically avoid throughout the year. 

For example, the fridge and freezer should be a top priority; make sure you clean inside and out, get rid of any ice build-up and create space by throwing away expired food. Organise your Christmas food as it arrives, being mindful of fresh ingredients and knowing exactly what needs to go in the freezer immediately. 

Be sure to give your oven a deep clean as it will be taking on a lot of work over the festive period. Getting it spic and span before the big day will ensure it’s in top condition to handle the important job of cooking the Christmas dinner.

When it comes to the bathroom, with guests staying over it’s bound to get a lot of use. Try descaling your toilet and shower and give the floor a good mop. While the mop is out, it’s worth running it over any other communal hard floor spaces, giving them that sparkling clean finish.

1 Day - Christmas Eve 

Lay the table

Set the table in advance of the meal the next day and decide where everyone is sitting, as this will give you one less job to worry about at the time. Add little touches like decorative holly, candles, berries and of course, crackers! We also recommend starting some of the food prep to make sure you feel on top of things before the chaos of Christmas Day commences. 

One final check

Before you sit back and relax with some mulled wine, it’s worth doing one final check to make sure you have everything you need. If there’s something you’ve run out of or forgotten, the good news is that there’s still time to pop to the shops and grab it before everyone arrives.

Camilla Lesser, Development Manager at Essential Living said:


“Christmas is such a wonderful time of the year, but it can also be very stressful for some households. 

“To guarantee the day runs as smoothly as possible, it’s best to be prepared well in advance, anticipate any issues that could arise and most importantly, remember to have fun.” 

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