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Property expert's top tips for securing your home over Christmas
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Christmas is a time spent with family and friends; for many, this means being away from home, something burglars are prepared for, and you should be too. 

With all the celebrations and festivities, people can become less vigilant at home, opening themselves up to potential burglaries. So, property expert Nick Woodward, lettings director at Essential Living has provided tips to help you avoid being a target of theft this holiday season. 

Don’t leave gifts on display

Buying and receiving presents is exciting. You may feel the urge to put gifts under the tree immediately but beware. If your Christmas tree is visible from a window, particularly a front window, this can look like a shopping display for burglars scoping out homes to break into. 


Instead, keep all presents in a secure, hidden location within your house, like the attic or a cupboard in an upstairs bedroom. 

Also, ensure that all packaging from presents is not in visible sight and put out on the next bin day to stop thieves spotting them.

Cover the basics

It may sound obvious, but make sure you lock all your windows and doors before you go to bed, out for the day or away on holiday. Thieves are often opportunistic and will sometimes try front and back doors, even windows to gain access. 

Before leaving home, do a quick sweep to ensure everything is locked up and keys are removed from windows and doors, as burglars may be able to reach through cat flaps and letterboxes to reach them.

Appear to be home 

Ultimately, burglars don’t want to get caught. So, if they think you are in, they are more likely to stay away. Rooms without lights on, an empty drive, piling up mail and packages on the doorstep are all telltale signs that no one is in. 

Before setting off, ensure you have left lights on or used automatic timers to keep windows lit in the evenings. If you have neighbours you trust staying home over Christmas, ask them if they can park in your driveway and take in any parcels. And, if you are going away for more than a couple of days, ask the post office to hold your mail to prevent letters from mounting, signalling your absence.

Social media

Be careful what you post to your social media accounts during the festive period. If you are going away, it may be a good idea to post the snaps once you are back home. With so much information about us accessible online, burglars can find social media accounts from your name and address. It is also not uncommon for people to be burglarised by people who know them, whether through extended friends or the local area. 

Additionally, refrain from posting gifts you receive online anytime, as this can tempt burglars and make you a target after the 25th.

Invest in home security

Finally, one of the best ways to deter thieves is to show that you have home security. 


If possible, invest in outdoor, censored lights that come on when someone approaches the property. Burglars do not want to be seen and will avoid being directly under the spotlight. Utilise a layered approach, opting for an alarm and cameras that will not only alert you if a thief does attempt to break in but also prevent them from trying.

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