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How to increase the longevity of your flooring, according to an expert

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When it comes to your interiors, few investments make as much of an impact as your flooring. But to make the most of this-stand out feature it’s important to keep your flooring looking its best.

Whether you have hardwood, carpet or tiles, Alex Heslop, Trend Expert from Flooring Superstore shares their tips on how to preserve your flooring for years to come.

  1. Keep clean

“Spills are inevitable, especially for busy households with pets and young children. Whatever type of flooring you have, swift action is essential to reduce the risk of any long-term damage, particularly when it comes to carpets. When tackling a spillage, always blot the liquid rather than rubbing, as this can further embed the liquid into the fibres and increase the chances of it staining. For ongoing maintenance, keep your floor clean through regular vacuuming, sweeping and mopping to avoid a long term build-up of dirt.

“Some carpet materials are better equipped to tackle stains – wool for example is resilient and naturally stain resistant. Flooring Superstore’s Windermere Carpet in Honeycomb features a perfect blend of honey and fawn shades and is made from a hardwearing quality loop pile wool material. £26.49 per square metre.”

2. Soft furnishings for added protection

“All flooring will undergo a degree of wear and tear, particularly those high footfall areas such as hallways and stairs. Rugs, runners and mats not only add warmth and style to your interiors, they also help increase the longevity of the flooring underneath, so it pays to incorporate them into your home. From a more practical standpoint, use felt pads on heavy furniture for additional protection against movement of furniture.”


3. Choose durable flooring

“When selecting your flooring, durability and longevity should be a top priority, as of course some materials are more long-lasting and practical than others.

“Engineered hardwood and laminate mimic the charm and aesthetic of real wood, but have additional water and scratch resistance properties which really comes into its own in busy households and high traffic areas. Flooring Superstore’s Laminate Flooring Herringbone in Elegant Oak is tough, durable and easy to clean – ensuring your flooring will stay in top shape for years to come. £24.99 per square metre.

“Think about the location of your flooring and the usage of the room – bathrooms and kitchens in particular will need a durable, water-resistant option that can withstand busy family life.”


4. It's all in the fit

“Whatever flooring materials are being installed; preparation is key to ensuring its longevity. Invest in a good quality underlay. As well as providing extra cushioning and insulation – this can increase the lifespan of your carpet or laminate.

“The importance of having a smooth, stable and level subfloor to create a professional looking finish and ensure it is maintained for years to come cannot be underestimated. For very uneven surfaces you may need to look at using a levelling compound or additional insulation to ensure your finished product has the wow factor.”

5. Professional maintenance

“Every year or two consider a more thorough clean of your flooring. The benefit of wooden floors mean they can easily be recoated to restore the finish and longevity. This involves adding a new topcoat or finish to your existing floor to rejuvenate its appearance. For more serious wear and tear you may want to re-sand to remove the top surface of the wood and the fresh timber beneath.

“Carpets can benefit from a more thorough clean on an annual basis. Hot water extraction is a technique which applies pressurised water to the carpet fibres to dislodge more stubborn dirt and can be carried out by professionals.

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