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Should You Have a Sink or Hob On Your Kitchen Island?


William Durrant, owner Herringbone says: 


“There is no right or wrong answer to whether you should incorporate your kitchen sink and/or hob in your kitchen island. It often depends on the space that you have available or how you tend to use your kitchen space. It is also a matter of personal taste and whether you can handle the island being a multi-functional space. Here we give a few examples of projects that have had either the sink, hob or even both elements incorporated into the kitchen island.” 

Kitchen island with a sink 

  • “Incorporating a sink into your kitchen island can be incredibly handy. Whether this is a prep sink, a constantly-in-use sink or your main sink it can look beautiful and streamlined. The right fixtures will make all of the difference as they will constantly be on display so if you build in a Quooker tap you will be able to make tea or coffee right by your seating area. Make sure you have the space required within the island to store the pipes work that goes with these and make sure that you are ready to give up any storage space that may be taken up by the sink. Some people find it a bit too messy to have the sink on the kitchen island due to water splashing etc. however, this is a matter of personal preference.” 


Kitchen island with a hob 

  • “Think electric hob, induction hob or gas hob, there are many options for incorporating a hob into your kitchen island design. Having a hob on the island can make the design super sociable as you are facing your guests, family or friends whenever you're preparing food. The main element to consider is to make sure you can fit in the extractor fan within the island and make sure you don’t mind storage being taken up by this. Some clients find having the hob on the kitchen island a tad messy, however, it is a matter of personal preference and taste.” 

Hob On Your Kitchen Island-4.png

Kitchen island with both sink and hob 

  • “There is also the option to include both the sink and the hob on the kitchen island. This can be a prep sink which is very handy for preparing food in front of people or even used as a wine cooler by filling it with ice. Being able to fit both on the kitchen island can create an extremely functional cooking space as nothing is far from each other. Make sure you have a large enough island to enable you to make room for the extractor fan hidden in the island but also for the pipe work for the sink to fit.” 

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