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7  Kitchen Trends That Will Be Big In 2024 

Abbas Youssefi, Managing Director at tile brand Porcelain Superstore highlights the trends we can expect to see walk down the aisle in 2024

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2023 has been an exciting year in the interior design industry, especially when it comes to the kitchen. From playful pinks and mixed metallics to marble effects and feature splashbacks, there has been plenty of transformative on-trend looks for interior design fans to play around with. 

As we look ahead, emerging trends continue to push the envelope of interior style in new and exciting ways. We spoke to Abbas Youssefi, Managing Director at Porcelain Superstore - one of the UK's leading tile brands - to find out more about what styles we’ll see walking down the aisle in 2024. 

“Tiles are an absolute staple in the kitchen. They’re not only incredibly practical and clean-cut, which makes them a perfect choice for the kitchen. But above being a trend in and of themselves (think tile splashbacks etc) they’re also an incredibly versatile way to explore interior trends and styles.

Looking ahead, here are some of the interior trends we expect to see in kitchen makeovers in 2024.”

Warm Neutral Tones 

Grey is out and warm neutral tones are in. After years of stark concrete-style tiles dominating (thanks millennial grey) beige and stone effect designs are coming back in.

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Manor Warm Floor Tile


For floors, warm rustic-style tiles are back in fashion. However this time round, these tiles are being paired with sleek kitchen cabinets for a modern-rustic look, rather than the traditional pine kitchens of old.

However, you don't have to use 'rustic' tiles - you can also opt for modern stone designs for a more contemporary feel. Look for rich, natural colours and soft textures that feel warm and personal, rather than cool and stark. 

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Terracotta & Texture 

Terracotta has been a huge trend for 2023 and it's only set to grow in 2024. As interior design trends move away from cool tones, this warm and earthy style choice has a cosy feel that pairs well with almost everything. 

From warm woods to crisp white surfaces. and offers plenty of personality that will transform for a timeless feel in your kitchen. This versatility means it's a great choice for both classic and modern designs allowing homeowners and designers to play with style conventions to find the perfect look. 

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The growing popularity of terracotta in interior design forms a natural part of another growing trend - texture. As we head into 2024 we're seeing a growing appreciation for more tactile designs. This could be due in no small part to the quiet luxury trend which emphasises small subtle design elements and motifs to make an impact. 

Patterned Tiles


While patterned tiles have always been a popular choice in the kitchen, the patterns that adorn them are always evolving. While geometric tones and designs have had their time in the sun, we’re seeing a shift towards traditional handmade tiles - particularly for walls and splashbacks where the pattern is more likely to draw the eye. 

This suggests that design fans are looking for dynamic ways to add a touch of character and personality to their kitchen space. 

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High Drama 

Since it’s never really gone away, it’s more fair to say that marble is more of a staple than a trend when it comes to the kitchen. However, instead of adding a sense of luxury and elegance, we’re seeing the designs evolve. 

Rather than pristine white marbles with grey veins, or black with white, we’ll see more designs that play with colour and structure. Burgundy veins on white give boldness and confidence while staying on the right side of luxury. It’s a perfect choice for a feature theme and works well on both walls and surfaces. 

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Dark Wood Tiles 

Wood effect tiles have always been a good choice in the kitchen. Often more affordable than real hardwood flooring, they’re low maintenance, durable and easy to lay. In recent years, light woods have been in vogue because they create a sleek and neutral floor space. 

As we head into 2024 however, expect to see the trend to move more towards darker tones with more character. Darker woods create a sense of depth and personality, making it a great choice for anyone who wants to make their kitchen feel warm and truly lived in. 

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Tradition-Defying Terrazzo

Terrazzo is a versatile type of tile design that incorporates small pieces of various other aggregates like marble, granite or quartz to create a unique speckled or marbled pattern that can add eye-catching visual interest to any space. 

While the terrazzo trend has been growing over the last decade, modern interpretations have been playing with the form to create new and engaging design options that can add endless character and exciting charm to your kitchen. 

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From playing with colour conventions to adding giant asymmetrical flecks instead of small muted ones and more, designers are still finding new and quirky ways to play with traditional terrazzo design to inject it with endless charm and playful exuberance. 


If you really want to buck with tradition, look for black primary tiles with metallic or colourful flecks for an unconventional look that creates elegance with an edge. 


Over the last decade, sustainability has become a key focus in the interior design industry and for consumers, many of whom are willing to shop around the find the best option. 

As we head into 2024 that choice has never been more readily available. Many manufacturers have invested in making their products more eco-friendly. When it comes to tiles, this means ensuring their products are recyclable, incorporate recycled materials and are created using processes that limit environmental impact as much as possible. 

As consumers shop around, they will be able to check with manufacturers/sellers to find more information about their products so they can make an informed decision. 

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