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EXPANDING its national coverage, home staging firm Lemon and Lime Interiors has appointed highly experienced property professional Gemma Goulding as a leading sales consultant to drive growth in the South of England. 


Gemma has spent a decade at London and luxury estate agents Hamptons where she managed the Stroud branch and its prime property stock. Becoming increasingly familiar to the value of home staging, she found herself regularly providing staging advice to help clients increase the market appeal of their home and increase their chances of a successful sale. 


Elaine Penhaul, director at Lemon and Lime, invited Gemma to join the team, making the switch from selling premium homes to giving advice to sellers on how to maximise their sale through staging. Gemma will be operating in a region that covers Gloucestershire, Wiltshire and areas of The Cotswolds. Across these locations, Gemma has already established herself as a desirable brand manager for selling premium properties. Her expertise as an agent will be invaluable to the Lemon and Lime team. 

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Gemma said: “I’ve always been a great believer in home staging and have seen firsthand how the demand for the service has surged in the property sector over the past few years as vendors and agents seek more ways to stand out in the market. 


“After a fantastic number of years as an estate agent, this is a refreshing opportunity to combine my knowledge in the property field with my passion for presenting homes. It will enable a greater work-life balance too, with the ability to work remotely and plan visits to clients and new business accordingly. 


“The incredibly talented Lemon and Lime team has built a respectable portfolio of partnerships with premium estate agents. While many agents in my operating area are familiar with the practice, there is a need for more encouragement and education to consider it to be a valuable investment, and I believe I can change that perception and make Lemon and Lime a household name in the South.” 

Gemma Goulding, Lemon and Lime

Elaine Penhaul, founder and director of Lemon and Lime Interiors, said: “Gemma’s enthusiasm for helping clients sell for the best possible price makes her an excellent addition to our team, and I am looking forward to seeing how she will help us to expand to new clients and potential partners. 


“Bringing such a well-respected name in the property industry speaks volumes about the recognition and respect we have been growing. With Gemma's support, we are confident she will help us to open more doors for the wider home staging industry.” 

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