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Val-d’Isere, France

Introducing Chalet Blackcomb in France’s iconic Val-d’Isère

Chalet Blackcomb in France’s iconic Val-d’Isère-4.png
It is a private residence that feels homely to its owners but also perfectly in keeping with its surroundings

Set within an iconic backdrop, this private retreat is cocooned among serene fir trees. Inside, the design seamlessly blends form and function. Large windows and glass panels flood the spaces with the gentle, fascinating ever-changing light of the French alps, creating an ambience of warmth and tranquillity. The chalet's layout epitomises comfort and conviviality, making it the heart of the project. And of course, a selected range of bespoke exquisite furniture adorns the interior, elevating the living spaces.

Chalet Blackcomb in France’s iconic Val-d’Isère-5.png

Previously set up in two dwellings (a residential home and a small separate area for a rental property), Dalrymple Studio had to completely re-imagine the layout and interior architecture. Responding to the brief, Dalrymple Studio amended the spatial planning, gutting the original chalet and rebuilding to reconfigure a new layout. The staircase position was moved, and the space was doubled. The chalet grew from a three-bedroom property with a tiny annexe into a spacious family holiday home with five bedrooms, each with an ensuite bathroom, and with an indoor swimming pool. The rear of the property is new and has been built into the mountain, in a triangle shape.

Chalet Blackcomb in France’s iconic Val-d’Isère-6.png

The spaces were flipped, with the bedrooms, which had originally been on the top floor, relocated to the floor below, while the sitting room and kitchen were moved upstairs to take advantage of the far reaching views.

Chalet Blackcomb in France’s iconic Val-d’Isère-7.png
Chalet Blackcomb in France’s iconic Val-d’Isère-8.png
Chalet Blackcomb in France’s iconic Val-d’Isère-9.png
Chalet Blackcomb in France’s iconic Val-d’Isère-10.png

Chalet USPs include a:
- The pitched roof creates high ceilings that create show-stopping entertaining spaces in the living area
- 10m swimming pool and bar area in the basement, with limewashed walls and cladding overhead. The stone for this space was sourced from a local company in Val d’Isere, and the old vintage sledge table adds character
- A bespoke chairlift was made for the entrance hall with the chalets name at the top

Dalrymple Studio is a London based Interior Design studio, with a focus on residential projects both internationally & within the UK

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