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THIRDHOME - Luxury Home Swapping Properties from Castles & Country Mansions to Private Islands &
City Penthouses


Join the largest and most trusted network of luxury home exchanges.

IMAGINE traveling the world, enjoying unique luxury residences without paying rental rates.


THIRDHOME gives you access to 14,000 luxury residences, villas, estates, and yachts – simply by making your home available to other like-minded second homeowners within our private travel club.


Your second home is the key to a new world of travel experiences.

THIRDHOME cultivates an exclusive, members-only home-sharing community passionate for luxury destinations and experiences. Travel like never before while staying in luxury residences in over 100 countries. 


Being part of a private home exchange allows you to parlay that single vacation home into countless others in over 1,700 destinations. In addition to private homes enjoy access to yachts, estates, and 100+ resorts worldwide. You’ll never have to visit the same place twice.

Mont Tremblant, Canada.jpg
Mont Tremblant, Canada

Travel your way

No matter how you wish to travel, we’ve got you covered. Whether it’s a home exchange, a premium rental, or a small-group adventure, enjoy luxury-only experiences every time you travel with THIRDHOME.

How It Works:

Homeowners trade in unused time in their second homes into the club in exchange for travel credits (or ‘Keys’).  They can then spend the travel credits at their discretion in the homes of other THIRDHOME members. 

Residence Africa Kenya 1437 Cottars Private view from verandah.jpg
Residence in Kenya

What’s On Offer:

The club has more than 14,000 properties in 1,700 destinations in 100 countries (including UK/London) – so members never have to visit the same place twice.  Unique properties range from villas and large country houses to castles and luxury penthouses to mansions and mega yachts, located across America, Europe, Middle East, Australia, Asia and the Pacific.

Koh Samui, Thailand.jpg
Koh Samui, Thailand

Saving Potential: 

The appeal of THIRDHOME is that you can travel the world and stay in luxury accommodation without having to pay the extortionate rental rates.  Instead, you pay an administrative fee that ranges from $495 to $1,395 for an entire week – so you save tens of thousands.

Villa Blanca, Punta Cana 05216 (1).jpg
Villa Blanca, Punta Cana

Member Criteria:

The minimum value of your home should be approx. €500,000 subject to where’s its based (average value is €2.4 million) – other criteria include a desirable location and attractive interiors.

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