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Cannes Villas and the rush to the South of France

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Cannes, France: Real estate brokers across the South of France are witnessing a boom in demand for luxury villa rentals this summer. Following the start of the summer season, luxury villas throughout the French Riviera have been highly sought after as people begin to travel once more. 

As the world opens up again following the pandemic, people are not deterred by the ongoing situation in Ukraine and its fallout, such as increasing inflation when it comes to travelling. Seeking out the sun, authentic lifestyle and beautiful backdrops, the South of France has rapidly become one of the hottest destinations to travel to for multiple reasons. According to Bloomberg, other luxury hotspot destinations such as Cancun and Tulum in Mexico are increasingly overbooked and crowded this season following the post-Covid travel boom. Mexico remains one of the most-visited destinations in the world, however other popular summer destinations in the US, such as Miami, Florida or the Hamptons, New York, have also seen a huge increase in hotel prices, with four and five-star hotels in those cities increasing approximately 33% this year alone.

"Finding villas in this market is an ever-increasing challenge, with most of the market's lower to upper end fully booked for the year already," 


Anna Gladuntsova, broker from Cannes Villas

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Villa Mala
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Villa Odaya
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Domaine de Lansa

As this summer is set to be the first without heavy travel restrictions since 2019, many travellers are keen to head abroad to Europe. In addition, a strong US dollar helps make Europe more attractive to Americans. At the same time, the ongoing instability in Eastern Europe has assisted in securing the South of France's reputation as one of the safest luxury destinations. With more luxury travellers than ever before heading to the South of France, Cannes Villas continues to source the most exquisite villas in the French Riviera. 

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"Finding villas in this market is an ever-increasing challenge, with most of the market's lower to upper end fully booked for the year already," says Anna Gladuntsova, the broker from Cannes Villas, an S Collection brand. "Over 95% of our clientele is currently unable to secure a villa similar to what they would have booked last year." For example, Domaine de L'Ansa, one of the most exclusive villas in the South of France, is fully booked to September while fetching a weekly price of well over €200,000 per week. Another spectacular mansion, Villa Odaya, a newcomer on the villa market in Cannes being finished only in recent years, is now taking bookings for 2023, being fully booked already for the two months of the 2022 summer. Villa Mala, one of the finest villas in Cap d'Ail right next to Monaco, is booked until Feb 2023 and is taking select bookings only. 

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With a wide offer of luxury villas around Cannes, Cannes Villas has access to plenty of off-market villas to ensure its clients can realise the luxury holiday of their dreams this summer. Cannes Villas is already accepting bookings for the holiday season and next summer, so do not miss out on this opportunity. 

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