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10 Easy and Chic Easter Table Decor Ideas

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Easter is a much-loved holiday that brings family and friends together to celebrate. Whether you're hosting a formal family affair, a casual afternoon buffet or an Easter brunch, you will want to impress your guests with a statement tablescape. As we celebrate the arrival of spring, consider pastels, florals and eggshells to create a chic table setting, perfect for your Easter feast. Interior designer Benji Lewis gives simple tips on how to create your perfect Easter tablescape:

Benji Lewis
  • Try and work out a colour scheme that you can carry across the entirety of your table top so that the cloth you use harmonises with the crockery and the additional tokens you put on the table. Think pastel pretty, pale pink with duck egg blue and shades of yellow as your base colours

  • Flowers or plants in mismatched vases and pots placed on your tabletop make for an informal look, an earthy terracotta plant pot offset by beautiful, coloured glassware cover the ground between rustic and glamorous.





  • Personalise your place settings with handwritten cards; a nice touch would be to include a wrapped chocolate with your place setting.

  • Go the extra mile with how you finish your napkins; tying a piece of string around them is a simple approach or go the extra mile by looping a few polo mints onto the string too.

  • Embrace the onset of spring by including the best of what nature provides on your tabletop décor – a selection of spring florals, like tulips and dahlias are a quick and easy solution.

  • Don’t get hung up on everything matching; on the contrary mis-matched elements make for a relaxed and informal feel.

  • Small bowls of sweets at each place setting work brilliantly, chocolate eggs are always good or for something fresher, think lemon flavours.

  • For sake of ease and if you have the space, set up a bar at the end of your lunch table, it’ll make things easier for you to kick back and relax over lunch.

  • Easter can be festive and fun, add colourful dyed eggs, bright colourful candelabras and a statement table cover, it’s creative and cheerful.

  • Add a splash of gold to your settings, whether it’s the napkin holders, cutlery or vases, mixed with pastel colours, it adds a touch of luxury and glamour to the tablescape.

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