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Kitchen flooring trends from Flooring Superstore

Are you planning a kitchen revamp this year? Flooring Superstore has revealed some of its favourite kitchen flooring trends for 2023 and advised on how to team style with durability to ensure the heart of your home looks great for years to come.


Craig Smith, Merchandising Manager, at Flooring Superstore, comments:


“No floor in your home works harder than in your kitchen – and for that reason, it’s essential to select a flooring option which can withstand the constant footfall while offering a stylish backdrop that caters to the ranging demands of a kitchen. Fortunately, in 2023 we will see flooring options featuring practical materials grow in popularity. So whether you’re looking for a minimalist Scandi style kitchen, a statement space for entertaining or a multifunctional family room – there’s a stylish and hardwearing flooring option for you.”

Multifunctional kitchens


“Kitchens are no longer a space used purely for cooking. In 2023, we will see a growing appetite for making the rooms in our home work harder, and the kitchen will continue to evolve as a multifunctional living space. We will see kitchens being used for living, working and socialising – whether that’s for doing an at-home workout, creating a home-office, or entertaining friends. Because of this, your kitchen flooring selection is particularly important to ensure it caters to the wide variety of demands a multifunctional living space brings.

























“Wood or wood effect continues to provide a durable and stylish choice which works equally well across kitchen and living spaces, as well as complementing the popular Nordic, minimalist aesthetic. For a traditional feel that creates an airy and Scandi-style feel, opt for light coloured woods such as beech or ash. Laminate and engineered wood provide a more durable and often more affordable alternative to real wood, which will withstand all the demands of a modern home, for years to come. If you do opt for solid wood, remember you must tend to any spillages as quickly as possible to retain that beautiful finish.”


Get the look:

  • Flooring Superstore’s Duke Laminate Flooring – a high quality laminate flooring which provides the perfect minimal backdrop to a multifunctional kitchen space. Available in a variety of shades including Glacier Oak or Natural Oak for a light, bright and spacious feel. £15.99 per square metre



The clean, minimalist home


“In recent years, cleaning and de-cluttering our homes has become a form of self-care, instigated by Marie Kondo when she reframed our minds to see this process as a way to ‘spark joy’ in our lives. A decade on and we’re increasingly seeing this concept inform our home interior choices and kitchen flooring is no exception. We expect to see a growing demand for understated, neutral and easy to clean flooring options which create an airy and minimalist aesthetic.”








Get the look:


The kitchen as an entertaining space


“Hosting and cooking at home will remain key trends post-pandemic, particularly as personal finances become more strained, and people look to minimise their experiential spending. As such, we expect to see homeowners opt for more vibrant, bold kitchen floor choices to enhance their entertaining spaces. More people will take advantage of the wider variety of high-quality vinyl tiles available which offer a range of interesting textures and designs for a fraction of the price. From polished concrete to marble effect and bold patterns, with blue shades and monochrome varieties set to be popular in 2023, there’s never been a wider range of ways to create a showstopper of a kitchen floor.”










Get the look:


Natural interiors


“With the growth of the smart home and wider variety of kitchen technologies available – we’ll see a move towards homeowners opting for natural materials, soft textiles, neutral tones and unobtrusive colours to offset the growing usage of tech within their kitchens. Solid wood and lighter flooring allow light to bounce around your kitchen spaces and make rooms feel bigger and brighter.”











Get the look:

  • Flooring Superstore’s Jubilee Golden Oak is a premium laminate that features natural tones of golden brown and caramel with authentic grain effect to deliver that realistic wood look. £19.99 per square metre.


Floors that stand the test of time


“As consumers, we’re becoming more thoughtful about what we spend our money on. Part of this includes making sure that we’re investing in things that are well made and will stand the test of time. As such, quality will be king as homeowners want to ensure they’re investing in a premium hardwearing flooring option which will look fantastic for years to come. Practical and affordable alternatives to expensive and hard to maintain kitchen classics such as real wood and stone will increase in popularity. And thanks to recent advancements in technology – there are a range of flooring options out there which look pretty much identical to the real thing.”

























Get the look:

  • Flooring Superstore’s EvoCore Golden Toffee Oak in a popular parquet design is comfortable underfoot, easy to maintain, scratch resistant and 100 per cent waterproof – making it the perfect long-lasting addition to any kitchen. £39.99 per square metre.

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