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Spring Decor Ideas To Brighten Up Your Living Room

As we slowly say goodbye to the drab winter months and start to welcome warmer weather, it’s the perfect time to focus on bringing a springtime feel to your home. Once you have tackled your spring cleaning and cleaned out the clutter, interior designer Benji Lewis offers spring décor ideas that will add a joyful refresh to your living room this season.

  • I adore the positive impact that yellow provides but I’d nevertheless avoid a tone that edges towards being too primary.

  • Yellow Pink by Little Greene is a brilliant choice because whilst it offers plenty of feel good happiness, it also has a richness to it that makes it a pretty sophisticated choice:

  • After the gloom of winter, spruce things up with a combination of Springtime pattern and colour, to include florals with stripes

  • Get texturally creative, linens for Spring are great, so bring these into the mix with your velvet and woven textiles

  • If blue’s more your thing, then avoid anything that might go glacial; instead look for an upbeat turquoise like the one offered by Edward Bulmer Paint

  • The inclusion of rugs is a given when it comes to a decorative overhaul - an expanse of bare floor bereft of rugs is pretty underwhelming - but consider texture as much as pattern when you shop

  • If the room you need a rug for is large and acquiring a single huge rug to dress the space is daunting, then re-think things to envisage using a couple of rugs instead

  • Work out however how your furniture will sit on your rugs – a scale furniture plan will show you how things will fit

  • Choose a good clean white if you fancy sharpening things up

  • And if you’re after additional colour then incorporate rosey pink, with celadon green and streaks of lilac

  • Floral pattern is great to welcome in the change of season; swap cushions out accordingly or if you’re up for it then take a fully floral linen to upholster your sofa entirel

  • There’s a suggestion that floral pattern should only be used in a traditional context; taking a trad floral design and putting it onto a contemporary sofa or chaise however is a brilliant way of shaking up the formula

Benji Lewis is an established British interior designer with extensive experience working on residential and commercial properties both at home and abroad.

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