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6 Of The Best Alternatives To An Electric Blanket


"While electric blankets can be a great addition to beds in winter, they’re not for everybody. Luckily, there are some great alternative ways to keep warm at night without using an electric blanket.

We've compiled a list of great options below, as well as some tips and tricks to increase the warmth of your bed and make sure you stay warm in colder temperatures."

Hayley Thistleton, sleep expert at Sleepseeker, revealed the best alternatives for electric blankets



Electric blankets are a fantastic option for winter and will keep you toasty as you get into bed. However, not everybody wants to use or can use an electric blanket, so it’s great to look at other alternatives to staying warm.

For example, electric blankets could pose a risk to those who are unable to regulate their body temperature properly. They have the potential to cause overheating, especially for infants, the elderly, and those with diabetes. Those who are immobile would also be better off using an alternative. 


If you can’t use an electric blanket, you might be left with the conundrum of how to keep your bed warm in the cold winter months. 

To help you out, we've compiled a list of 6 great options to help you stay warm this winter!


Heated throws are a great alternative to electric blankets and will keep you just as warm. These blankets are cheap to run and are ideal for snuggling under on the sofa or draping over yourself as you work from home.

Electric heated throws are used differently than more traditional electric under blankets. Other electric blankets are placed on top of your bed underneath the top sheet and will be secured to your mattress with straps. However, an electric throw goes on top of your bedding, or you can use it like a normal blanket on a sofa. 

Some of our favourite heated throws include the Slumberdown Elegantly Warm Luxury Heated Throw and the Slumberdown Comfy Hugs Heated Throw. Both come with 9 different heat settings and a timer function, offering you complete control over your comfort.



It might not be your first thought, but wool duvets are fantastic at keeping you warm and comfortable as you sleep. Wool fibres are made up of different layers, creating pockets of trapped air which circulate heat during the night. 


These incredible natural duvets are breathable and always adjust to your body temperature, keeping you comfy. To enhance the effect of your wool duvet, it’s great to use it in conjunction with other wool bedding like wool pillows and wool mattress toppers. 

The Slumberdown Wonderful Wool Duvet comes in light, medium and heavy weights and various sizes ranging from single to super king size.

Read more - The Ultimate Guide To Wool Duvets


Even though weighted blankets are typically used to help with mental health conditions, including anxiety and well-being, they can also be a great way to keep warm. 

They are thick and cosy, but more importantly, they are heavy. This inadvertently helps you to feel warmer and makes them less likely to shift while you're sleeping, preventing your extremities from being exposed to the cold during the night.

We have both adult weighted blankets and weighted blankets for children, so everybody can stay cosy and feel soothed as they sleep. 







Never underestimate the power of a warm, fluffy duvet! If you're feeling the chill, chances are that you're not using a duvet that is the right tog for the season.

Tog is the unit used for measuring the warmth provided by various blankets and duvets. The higher the number, the warmer the item. For example, 4.5 tog duvets are ideal for summer, while 13.5 tog duvets and 15 tog duvets are better in winter. 

Duvet technology has come a long way, and there are some fantastic options available to consider.

There are lots of great winter duvets to choose from, including:

Weighted Blankets.png


While a duvet keeps you warm from above, mattress toppers will keep you warm from underneath. Investing in a high-quality topper will give you a luxuriously comfortable and cosy night's sleep.

Not only are they good for adding comfort, but they can also improve the support offered by your mattress.

A machine-washable and non-allergenic mattress topper is an excellent addition to any bed - something like the Snuggledown Luxurious Hotel Medium Support Mattress Topper will drastically improve your night's sleep.

You could also consider a warming mattress topper like the Snuggledown Intelligent Warmth Heated Topper. This wonderful topper combines the warmth of an electric blanket with the comfort of a soft mattress topper. 



Mattress protectors are a very worthwhile investment. Not only do they provide your mattress with protection, but they can also add more comfort. 

Choosing a quilted mattress protector will increase your mattress's comfort levels and add to your bed's cosiness, helping you keep warm during cold winter nights.


There are some great options to consider during the winter months:

Body Support.png
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