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How to recreate Lily Allen and David Harbour’s eccentric home on a budget 


By Matthew Currington, Technical Director, 

The Lighting Superstore   

Fans of Architectural Digest have been blown away by a recent tour of singer Lily Allen and actor David Harbour’s eccentric Brooklyn home. 









Filled with bold colours, a range of patterns, textures and wallpapers, their home showcases maximalism at its best. While it’s not to everyone’s taste, there are some fun and simple ways to incorporate these bold interiors into your home. 


Here are my top tips for adding some dopamine décor into your space… 

AD0323_ALLEN_2 copy.jpg.webp
Architectural Digest

More is more  


If you have grown bored with minimalist, neutral spaces in your home, then now is the time to inject some fun.  


While many people have an aversion to mixing and matching different prints and textures, Lily Allen’s home highlights that you don’t have to stick to traditional rules. If you’re intimated by too many options, look for differing patterns with similar undertones, like blues or greens.  


While Lily Allen and David Harbours home has many contrasting patterns, each room has a clear colour palette, which makes the patterns feel cohesive.  


Don’t feel the need to start off on a big project, like wallpapering all the walls in your home. Focus on one area first as a feature or include a variety of patterned soft furnishings like cushions and rugs.  

AD0323_ALLEN_7 copy.jpg.webp
Architectural Digest

Don’t be afraid to add colour 


For those who don’t want to commit to a brightly painted wall, start off by including your favourite colours in your furnishings. Best of all, you can easily switch these up with minimal cost and effort.   


Items such as lamps, artwork and plants are a great way to add some colour to your space. 


You could also revive outdated or worn in furniture, such as painting or vinyl wrapping your kitchen cupboards a vibrant colour. Take inspiration from Lily Allen and David Harbour’s home and paint your ceiling, doors, skirting, and architrave the same colour.  

The Lighting Superstore

Play around with lighting 


David Harbour and Lily Allen’s townhouse shows that lighting doesn’t have to be purely functional. Bold lighting choices are scattered throughout the home and highlight how lighting can create a statement in the room. 

From sparkly chandeliers to wall sconces with lampshades, the lighting is both fun and practical.  


A statement chandelier is a great way to add a showstopper to your home and the crystals will complement the other beautiful colours in the room. 










Wall sconces, placed next to a bed are great for adding cosy lighting. They can also be placed on either side of some of your favourite wall art to make a statement.  


For a personal touch, don’t be afraid to switch out lampshades to suit the tones in your room. Pleated lampshades or shades with scalloped edges are particularly popular.   

The Lighting Superstore
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Matthew Currington, Technical Director
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