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Ways to Maximise Space in a Garden

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Gardens come in all shapes and sizes, serving many purposes, from growing produce to building your bar or office. Garden space is at a premium, especially in big cities such as London, and of course, it is not always possible to increase the size of your garden, so here we look at different ways to maximize the space in your garden and how you can make the most of it. 

Look to Build Upwards

With space at a premium, you will look at the best ways to fit everything you want into your outdoor space. You don’t want to take up all your available space with plants or trees, but you may wish to utilize part of the space for home produce. If this is the case, consider building and planting upwards rather than spreading all over one level. You could use raised bedding for plants or containers and pots rather than devoting a large section to a ‘plot.’ 


Additionally, consider using shelving space for planting, fitting neatly up against a wall, and effectively saving space. As well as saving space, planning vertically also creates an area of shade where there may not have been before - beneficial for any family or pet who wants to get out of the sun in those summer months. 

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Use the Correct Sized Furniture

To maximise the available space and get the best look for your garden, ensure you use the appropriate furniture for your outdoor space. Garden furniture that is too big can look overwhelming and out of place and eat into an area of the garden that could have been used for something else. 

Furniture that is too big can take attention away from other garden areas! Other things to consider with furniture, especially if space is tight, is using tables and seating areas that fold away. This way, they only take up space when you need them, and at other times the area can be used for different purposes. 


Use the Right Lighting and Avoid Harsh Boundaries

Using the correct lighting can make even the smallest spaces seem more prominent. Lights are a great way to enhance a smaller outdoor space and can add a lovely ambiance to the area once the sun goes down. Consider using lights in and around borders to light the room further. You can avoid harsh boundaries in your garden by painting fences and borders to blend in – use a grey or green finish to blend your outdoor space.

Utilise a Shed for Other Purposes

With space at a premium, utilising a shed for other purposes is an excellent way of maximising available space. There has been a rise in people using sheds and outbuildings for things other than storage in recent years, particularly since the coronavirus pandemic and lockdowns in 2020. Since no one could socialize in pubs and bars, the trend of building garden bars caught on. Pallet bars became a feature of many gardens and yards, as people couldn’t unwind outdoors after work on a Friday.

Bits of wood in back lanes and the sound of hammers and drills became all too common as the main concern in people’s day became worrying about what skip size they needed to get rid of all the bits of ripped-up garden.

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This carried on, but once life started to get back to normal – people realized garden bars and parties were cheaper, and garden parties became a regular occurrence. The bars often didn’t need to be constructed – if you have a shed already in place, the structure is already there! If you aren’t using this as storage, it makes sense to utilise it for something else to help make the most of the space in your outdoor area. 


There are many ways to maximise the space available in your garden, and we have shared some tips and hints here. Ultimately, what you can do with your space varies from garden to garden and also on what you want to utilise your outdoor areas for. 

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