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Introducing the Karaca 316+ Steel Tableware Collection 

 Elegant and durable cutlery design to dress any table   


London –  Turkish homeware emporium Karaca is launching a special cutlery set in the UK designed with 316+ steel, one of the most valuable types of steel in the world.  


Having recently opened its first UK store in London’s Islington Square, Karaca offers an array of pieces suited for everyday living, blended with luxury items. 


Combining elegance with durability, the 316+ Elegance cutlery collection is like a set of jewellery for your dining table, sparkling and slender silverware with a sharp mirror-finish that enhances every meal. The 12-person, 84-piece sets include a variety of design options including Halley, Thor, Lady, Mantilla and others to cater for diverse tastes. 

8683650088202-1 copy.jpg

Made of molybdenum, an element used in ocean-going ships and spacecraft, Karaca 316+ steel is made of one of the most valuable types of steel; 42% more durable and up to 53% more resistant to corrosion and scratching than known steels, meaning it’s reassuringly dishwasher safe. 


From £109.95, now available online at and in-store. 

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