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Introducing the Bespoke Grosvenor Cabinetry Style by Herringbone Kitchens 

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Award winning bespoke kitchen, furniture and design company Herringbone Kitchens today announced the introduction of its new bespoke kitchen style – The Grosvenor Cabinetry Style. The style is exclusively available to Herringbone customers and compliments the existing four bespoke kitchen styles wonderfully, which includes the Westminster, Westgate, Applegate and Rye Cabinetry Styles. 


The Grosvenor Cabinetry Style was designed and birthed by Herringbone’s designer Luke Huggins together with one of his lovely clients who wanted something a little different. In true Herringbone style the company and its fantastic employees continue to be a progressive family run business who moves with the times, listens to what customers want and takes the industry to the next level year after year by constantly evolving their design – there is no “one-fits-all approach”. 

The Grosvenor Cabinetry Style explained 


The design takes inspiration from the Neoclassical era of architecture, the use of the molding, frames the units and creates the visual of a shaker door. What's unique to the way this has been designed and constructed, is the way the unit is framed rather than the traditional method of the shaker applying to each opening. The style is very versatile and could work well in different homes from a large Georgian house, a London town house or an English country home.  








The decorative beading around the doors that split with the frame around the unit almost works as an optical elution, in the sense that instead of the kitchen looking like a typical kitchen the design details goes across three sections of the door making it look more like a piece of furniture. By designing the cabinetry in this manner, it is breaking the lines up of a traditional looking kitchen. The handles, with the beading and details of the door, is done in a contemporary way however, depending on personal style this style can easily be made traditional by adding fittings like aged brass, going dark in colour or thinking about the type of worktop and tiles you may want to use. 

The name itself derives from the fact that this, just like the Grosvenor Hotel, is a head turner and has a real focus on timeless design that can be altered to fit a modern or traditional style. The Grosvenor Cabinetry Style and the way in which it came about is a testament to what can be achieved on a bespoke level. If you work with Herringbone there is never a “one-fits-all" approach, the bespoke way of working, designing and making allows for your imagination to run wild.  


William Durrant, owner of Herringbone Kitchens said:


“It is a really exciting new step for Herringbone to come out with our new cabinetry style. We are always striving to make a difference to our clients’ experience and being able to offer a bespoke experience and not be tied down to a “copy and paste” method of working is how we love to design. Luke has done a fantastic job with the design - I love the uniqueness of this new style and we are looking forward to creating more bespoke projects in this design.” 

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The style follows Herringbone’s environmental ethos promise 

As part of the company's ethos Herringbone has made a conscious decision from the beginning to only use sustainably sourced materials, make each kitchen in the UK in their Canterbury-based workshop, use water-based low VOC paint and dedicate a tree to the National Forest for each kitchen made.  


These are all small, but important, things Herringbone does to reduce our impact on the environment.  


This style continues to be part of that promise and commitment. This again is very rare in this industry and while it is never an easy option, it stays true to the ethos.  


To view the Herringbone Kitchen styles and get inspired by other projects visit Herringbone Kitchens or come visit the studio for a nosey around (23A Palace St, Canterbury, CT1 2DZ) or book in a design consultation.

Herringbone Kitchens start from £25,000. 

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