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Experts reveal 4 cost-effective ways to re-vamp your tired tiles

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Atlas Ceramics

With homeowners looking for cost-effective ways to spruce up their homes, one easy way to do this is to revamp old and tired tiles. To help homeowners find the perfect ways of sprucing up their spaces, tile experts at Atlas Ceramics, have provided four key steps on how to give your tiling a total makeover. 


1. Show the shine 


“A very simple method to revamp your tiles is to give them an extra shine. We’d recommend doing this first, then deciding if you’d like to change the colour of your tiles, as sometimes all they need is a little TLC to look better! 














2. Try tile stickers 


Tile stickers can transform the look of your kitchen or bathroom tiles with very little cost – for example, just applying a small strip around the room could introduce a beautiful border. Sometimes, people have used them to cover up screw holes after a shower part has been removed. Using a transfer can cheaply and conveniently cover this up, without having to fork out for new tiles.


Always read the instructions and follow the fitting processes as they all are different. Make sure to clean the tiles before applying the heavy-duty stickers to ensure no soap, dirt or grease is on the tile - be sure to dry them off too! When applying, a plastic spatula could be a handy tool you’re bound to have in the house, to help remove the air bubbles!


Shining your tiles can reverse the effects of mould, soap scum, and hard water. To start the process, we’d recommend purchasing a good cleaner, such as a lithofin intensive cleaner which is specifically designed to bring tiles back to life. Use a mop to target the tired tiles, making sure to give these a good clean. Finally, buff the tiles up with a microfibre cloth to reveal that sleek, shiny finish. 

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Atlas Ceramics

3. Give your grout a glow-up


Due to usual wear and tear, grout can become grimy over time and fade in colour. This can also make your bathroom or kitchen look worn and tired, however, regrouting is a cheap cost-effective solution to revamp your tiles. 


To regrout your tiles, invest in a new grout that offers mould protection. Then, use a blade (safely) to remove as much of the old grout as possible. Then, wipe over the tiles to remove any excess dust and dirt. 


Using a grout spreader, apply a new grout in a diagonal motion to ensure it fills in any gaps. Try working as quickly as you can, wiping off any excess with a cloth as you go. Leave this to set for a few minutes, then wipe the tiles with a damp sponge to remove the excess. Finally, use a dry cloth to polish and remove any powder once the tiles have been set.


If you’re looking to give your tiles a revamp with a twist, try experimenting with grout colours. Look at colour schemes and trending styles to see which grout can really make your tiles pop! If you fancy a more subtle look, using a grout that is similar in colour to the tiles that you’ve chosen, helps to keep the décor flowing smoothly, without breaking up the space.  


4. Add a splashback 


If you have a little budget to play with, it is worth adding a splashback. A splashback is the perfect low-budget solution to hiding tired or worn tiles and gives you a chance to experiment with different colours or patterns. 


We’d recommend mosaic tiles for your splashbacks. Perfect for smaller spaces, mosaic tiles add depth to your space and enables your sink to become a focal point of any room. Make sure you compliment your splashback well with the colour of your space. For example, if you have a white interior, blue-patterned mosaic tiles add a subtle, yet elegant look to really spruce up the room.” 

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