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Ecoegg shares money-saving top tips for getting your home sparkling this Spring-cleaning season


After a long, cold winter, there’s nothing more satisfying than preparing the house for sunshine with a good-old Spring clean. But with money tight for many with soaring energy bills during the cost-of-living crisis, Dawn White, Founder of ecoegg shares her moneysaving Spring-cleaning hacks that will leave your house gleaming and save the pennies too. 


  1. Opt for reusable 

“It’s all too tempting to simply reach for a piece of kitchen towel when it comes to removing smears from windows, glass and other shiny surfaces such as taps, hobs and kettles, but using disposable products is costly for both your pocket and the environment. Swapping out regular kitchen towel for reusable sheets in your Spring-cleaning routine is a great way to get the same great results, for a fraction of the cost”.  


Made from 100% sustainable sources, ecoegg’s Bamboo Kitchen Towels are a perfect eco-friendly, cost-effective alternative to wasteful and expensive paper kitchen towels. Bamboo is one of the most sustainable materials due to its rapid regrowth and these towels which are made from 90% bamboo fibres, can be used to wipe away spills, dry surfaces, or to dust surfaces. 


 2. Prep your machines  

“The number one way to save money is to ensure your cleaning appliances last for as long as possible so you don’t have costly repair bills. So right before you start your yearly Spring clean it a great time to remember to show your washing machine and dishwasher a bit of love,” says Dawn. 


“For a deep clean, put an empty machine on a full cycle on its hottest setting. This will help to remove odors and clean pipes. Using machine cleaning products such as our detox tablets you’ll also remove the buildup of limescale and soap scum.”  


 3. Swap to refillable cleaning products  

“Laundry products can be expensive and when you are already paying more to run your machine, you can cut costs by buying products for your washing that are kinder to your pocket. You can try products that last for a large number of washes or are refillable so you’re not paying for the packaging each and every time. There are refillable solutions for pretty much every product you need for your spring and ongoing cleaning routine,” explains Dawn.  


“For example, our  Laundry Egg  works out at 14p per wash when bought new and then becomes 10p per wash when refilled! There is a ten-year guarantee on the egg itself and you can go 50-70 washes without having to think about spending any more money”. 


The ecoegg Laundry Egg comes in three colours, pink, with a spring blossom scent, blue scented with fresh linen and yellow, which is fragrance free and has been awarded the Allergy Friendly product award by Allergy UK. RRP of £9.99 for 70 washes initial purchase with a Laundry Egg case, then £4.99 for 50 washes refills. 


 4. Fill up each wash 

“When you’re in Spring-cleaning mode, it’s often easier (and less overwhelming) to think of it room-by-room, but when it comes to laundry that’s never the best way”, Dawn warns.  


“My very first job when I start a Spring clean is to round up all the linens from around the house – tablecloths, cushion covers, towels, tea towels and bedding - to make sure I have full loads. This is the most energy efficient way to run your washing machine. Your washing machine should be full enough so that your clothes can still move, and there is space to put your hand above the load and move it around.” 


5. Check your tariff and utilise timer settings 

“Some energy tariffs offer peak and off-peak energy prices, meaning a load will be cheaper at certain times of day (often at night). If your machine has the capability, it’s a good idea to set a timer to start your cycle during the night,” says Dawn. “I like to set mine for the early hours in the morning to take advantage of the lower rate then, when I get up, I can empty it and it hasn’t been sat for wet for too long”.  


6. Go Alfresco  

As we move into Spring, it’s no surprise that a great way to save energy is to dry your washing on the line in the sun! Failing that, if we’re not blessed with a balmy Spring, products that separate the load allowing more airflow to circulate, such as our Dryer Eggs, can reduce drying time and costs dramatically (up to 28%). In fact, with the increase in energy rates, ecoegg Dryer Eggs now save the average household £121 per year.  


The Dryer Eggs, RRP £7.99-£9.99, help to separate your laundry so that more air can circulate, drying each item more quickly. The nodules on the eggs are designed to help soften your clothes naturally so there is no need to use fabric softener. Simply put them in the tumble dryer drum with your washing and they do their magic. The refillable fragrance sticks come in two varieties to match the ecoegg fragrances, RRP £4.99 and last at least 40 dries. 


To find out more or purchase your own ecoegg Bamboo Towels or Laundry Egg, head to  

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