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Book a one to one video call with your favourite interiors creator on Connect An Influencer

Connect An Influencer is a new digital platform that connects followers with their favourite Instagram and TikTok professional interior designers and amateur decorators. Now you can connect with your favourite interiors experts to help you with your home transformation and book private face-to-face video calls on this new platform. It is an opportunity for fans to talk to influential designers whose work they admire and wish to emulate.

Home decor creators and professional interior designers can connect directly with followers worldwide to give personalised advice on complete home renovations or more basic styling and home staging ideas.

Before the launch of Connect An Influencer, you could only connect with your favourite interior designers and creators on social platforms via DMs. The problem is that amateurs and professionals get bombarded with requests for design advice and often don’t have time to give proper answers via Instagram or TikTok. 

Creators can share detailed tips and advice via face-to-face live video calls on the Connect An Influencer platform, breaking down traditional barriers that have existed between creators and their followers. 

Creators and designers can share their trade secrets, expert tips, cast a professional eye over your ideas, look at floor plans, advise on fabrics and colour schemes, furniture ideas and anything home decor related. The creators set the time length and budget for the calls that are booked via the influencer's private booking link on the site. 


The good news for fans is that a private, live video call with a designer will give you personalised advice, guidance, and support without committing to an expensive consultation.  

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Natalia Miller of Connect An Influencer says:


“The CAI platform works well for both creators and fans, especially in the interiors sector. For professional designers, it means they can consult with someone but not commit to seeing a whole project through from concept to completion and still charge for the consultation. A follower can get bespoke advice in a short amount of time, including advice on colour, layout, finish and design and reassurance and a second opinion to cast their eye on a project without having to commit a large amount of their budget to design fees”.

Appointments are booked via the platform, and calls can be as simple as a one-time consultation or several video calls for something more in-depth, like a full-scale home renovation. 

Through Connect An Influencer, creators will have access to their own personal dashboards, allowing them to share ideas directly with their audiences and continue to build their following. 

Fans can develop connections with the creators they follow, breaking down communication walls and allowing them to engage in a new and more meaningful way.


All conversations are monitored, and payments are taken directly through the Connect An Influencer platform to ensure the safety of both creators and fans.

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