New Year, New (Dog Friendly) Plants

2021 should be the mark of a fresh start, so what better way to freshen up your home than to invest in some new plants.

























When shopping for plants remember to take into consideration whether the new green household addition will be pet friendly. Some plants contain toxins that can cause several problems for dogs, such as diarrhoea or vomiting. 


Thankfully there’s still plenty of beautiful greenery to choose from, experts at have created a guide to dog-friendly plants, suitable for your home. From small desktop ferns to statement palms here are the most dog-friendly plants. 

Small Dog-Friendly Plants

For most of us, we’ve been stuck working from home, so why not spruce up your office space with a Boston Fern. This plant makes a perfect addition to your home office because it doesn’t need too much light. Make sure you keep it well watered! 




To add a little bit of exoticism into your home, invest in a Bromeliad. It’s bright and colourful appearance might have you thinking you need an expert green thumb to keep it maintained, but all it needs is plenty of bright light, optimal humidity and sufficient drainage. 








If you’re after a relatively low-maintenance house-plant, you’re looking for a Chinese Money Plant!  Also nicknamed the ‘Pancake’ or ‘UFO’ plant due to it’s flat, round leaves, this plant only needs a little water when it’s soil feels dry to the touch and a spot where it can get enough light without being in direct sunlight. 

                    Big Dog-Friendly Plants


If you haven’t been able to make it to a beach this year and you’re missing the palm trees, a Kentia Palm will give you the feeling of the sand between your toes in your own home. The Kentia Palm appreciates being watered approximately once a week, moist air (mist it a few times a week!) and lots of medium light. 


A Calathea Whitestar is the perfect plant if you’re a fan of minimalist interiors, but love something with a bit of texture. This purifying plant only needs watering once a week along with bright, indirect sunlight and a bit of nitrogen-rich fertilizer in it’s growing season - which is spring and summer. 

A Cast Iron is a perfect choice if you’re looking for a large, statement plant. It’s large leaves stand out in any room, whether it be the living room, bathroom, kitchen or office and it’s pretty easy to take care of. This resilient plan (the clues in the name!) only needs a little bit of water and bright, indirect sunlight. 

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