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Home lighting is the key to creating a cheery abode

With consumers buying interior items in lockdown to make their homes warmer and more inviting, NICEIC is urging Brits to consider how better home lighting is key to creating a cheery abode. It comes as an analysis of 2020 Google shopping trends1 shows consumers searched for decorative home interior items that would bring warmth and cheer such as rugs, candles, and even string lights.

As such, under its ongoing ‘Watts The Matter?’ campaign, NICEIC is advising Britons on the importance of good lighting in creating a warm, welcoming and positive environment at home.

In fact, the UK’s leading name for registered electrical contractors, recently surveyed 2,000 Brits and found that almost one in three (27%) respondents said good lighting is key to creating the right ambience at home, making them happier, more energetic and enabling them to concentrate for longer period of time3.

Paul Collins, NICEIC’s Technical Services Manager, comments: “As the pandemic continues to leave many of us homebound, it’s no surprise that sales of interior items that add warmth to a home are flying off the shelves.

“Not to be overlooked, however, is the growing body of research which shows the important role lighting plays in creating a cosy, calm and positive home environment – which is now all the more critical with so many of us either working from home long-term, or home schooling.

“From glare management and reducing exposure to artificial lighting, through to investing in smart lighting and controls that allows people to shape their lit environment with greater precision, there’s a myriad of ways to boost your wellbeing and create your dream home through good lighting. 


“Before embarking on such a transformation, remember to always use a professional for any electrical work, such as those electrical contractors registered with NICEIC. Contractors will be best equipped to advise on your specific lighting needs while keeping your home and family safe.”

...our own research shows a quarter of Brits are working in home offices that are either too dark or too light...

                                     Paul Collins

According to NICEIC, as record spending on home improvements continues, lighting has become a priority especially as around two in three (65%) Brits surveyed by the organisation said upgrading lighting is now just as important to their home as painting, laying new carpets, and buying new furniture.


Paul adds: “Having spent the best part of 2020 as homebound homeworkers, our own research shows a quarter of Brits are working in home offices that are either too dark or too light – so undoubtedly lighting has become a real priority. In making your lighting dream a reality, the importance of using a professional cannot be overstated.”



  • Use lighting to improve the quality of your home office by creating areas of contrast and using daylight where possible to achieve a well-lit environment

  • Glare management is vital, as high glare can cause headaches, migraines, and exhaustion

  • Consider investing in a smart lighting and controls solutions which can help you control and shape your lit environment with greater precision

  • Consult a NICEIC registered electrical contractor - from supplying a better-quality lamp with a warranty and requiring zero maintenance, to an extensive range of additional innovations – such professional can help to make your lighting dream a reality.

The Watts The Matter survey of 2,000 consumers reveals the nation’s collective weariness this winter, with some surprising disparities:

Brits located in Yorkshire and Humber regions have reported worst deterioration in their mental wellbeing and feel the gloomiest about spending the winter at home

Those living in the West Midlands are suffering most from poor lighting, with a fifth (20%) confessing it is making them feel depressed and moody

46% of women said the coronavirus pandemic continues to make them feel anxious//fearful, compared to just 28% of men

In terms of mental wellbeing, the pandemic is having the worst impact on those aged 18-44, with 21% revealing they’re suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

70% of 45-54 admitted upgrading lighting was just as important to their home as painting, laying new carpets, and buying new furniture

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