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Most Popular Garden Furniture Trends For Summer 2021 REVEALED

As we’re spending more time enjoying the sunshine outdoors, many of us are looking for ways to maximise space whilst creating a stunning garden area.


Stelrad, interior design experts, have analysed Google Search Volumes to spot which garden furniture and accessories are the most popular this summer.

Top 10 Garden Furniture Items
Outdoor Lights

Feel like you’re on Love Island by adding outdoor lights to your garden to feel the ultimate summer holiday vibes. Making the top of the list with over 44,000 monthly searches, garden lights can create the perfect atmosphere as the sunsets!

Water Features

Water features.webp

Set the scene in your garden this summer by adding a soothing water feature. A water feature can give any space a new life by creating a calming atmosphere which is great for reuniting with friends and family. With over 40,000 searches per month, a water feature can create a stunning yet calming feel!

Fire Pits

 NW3 Interiors

Third place on the list is fire pits with over 26,000 monthly searches. A fire pit is a perfect addition to any garden space all year round! Especially handy as the weather drops later at night, so you can party till late and not feel the cold - win-win! Not forgetting a perfect chance to toast marshmallows! 

Fire pits are a must-have when it comes to purchasing garden accessories, it can add a stylish feel to any space while also keeping you and your guests warm which is perfect as the weather drops late evening.

Chris Harvey at Stelrad

Garden Bar


Garden bars have taken popularity with over 17,000 monthly searches. A garden bar is a perfect addition to any garden space, small or large if you love to entertain!

Outdoor Rugs


Outdoor rugs are ideal if you want to create the sense of an outside living area in your garden to enjoy during the summer months. They're perfect for dividing larger outdoor space or creating dimension to smaller garden spaces by adding a stylish new look.

Home Office


After a year of working from our home office spaces, and with most offices not open just yet, we're all desperate for a change of scenery and some time outdoors.

Enter the garden office, with searched for garden office pods up by 174% over the past year.


mrs hinch.jpg

Follow Mrs.Hinch's garden vibe with a pergola! Incorporating this trend into your garden can extend an area creating a larger illusion whilst increasing the amount of time you can spend outside. A pergola can cast enough light shade to make even a warm afternoon enjoyable!

Other items which make the list are chimeneas, cocoon chairs and outdoor pizza ovens.

Growing Family

Now we can welcome friends and family back into our homes and gardens, it is essential to create a comfortable and welcoming area. When purchasing outdoor furniture it is vital to consider your outdoor space and what items can utilise the area to create a beautiful garden. The trends we have spotted are great additions to give you some inspiration!

Chris Harvey at Stelrad

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