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Revealed: the areas of England where new flats are less energy efficient than old houses

  • New flats in Lincolnshire have the worst EPC scores in England and Wales

  • Eight areas in England where new flats have a D rating – two rungs below the most common B rating

New research has revealed that two local authorities in Lincolnshire are home to newly built flats which rate far below the average energy efficiency performance expected for dwellings of that type.

A study by heating experts Boiler Central has found that the highest median Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) score for new flats is just 59.5 in North Lincolnshire, and 60 in North East Lincolnshire, which gives them both a D rating.

Out of 330 areas in England and Wales that were included in the analysis of the latest ONS figures, 261 have a highest median EPC score of 81 or above for new build flats – good enough for a B rating. 

The local authorities in Lincolnshire are two of just eight areas where the highest median EPC score for new flats falls below 68, which results in a D rating.


The new build flats are rated even lower than existing flats in the areas, with North Lincolnshire’s older flats receiving a median score of 69, and North East Lincolnshire’s highest median score for existing flats coming in at 68.

Newly built houses don’t have the same problem – North Lincolnshire’s newest houses have a highest median score of 83, while in North East Lincolnshire the score is 84. Both comfortably qualify for a B rating on the EPC.

The other areas whose newly built flats have an EPC rating of D include Harlow in Essex, where the highest median score is just 61, and Erewash in Derbyshire, where the score is 62. 

New flats in North Kesteven in the East Midlands have a highest median EPC score of 65, while similar properties in Ipswich, Bolsover in the East Midlands, and the County of Herefordshire in the West Midlands all score 67 all only good enough for a D rating.

Commenting on the results, a spokesperson for Boiler Central said: “Typically, new flats and houses are much more energy efficient than existing stock, and the majority qualify for a B rating on their Energy Performance Certificate. So it’s surprising to see some areas with considerably lower scores – someone buying a new flat definitely wouldn’t expect it to be less energy efficient than one built 50 years ago.”

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