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Renovation jobs can be costly, so it’s understandable why many opt to try and DIY their way through them. This process can be incredibly complex and difficult, however, and many kinds of renovations ned the hand and skills of an expert to execute them – not only competently but with no risks in the future.

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Here, Structural Repairs share five renovation jobs you should always leave to the experts:


Brick and stone cleaning - Brick and stone cleaning is the process of carefully removing debris or any other elements which may accumulate over time, from brick or stone structures. While it may seem an easy task as it is just the “cleaning” of a surface, the extremely delicate nature of these surfaces means that any incorrectly done cleaning can actually do more harm than good and cause permanent damage. To be done correctly, and as is done by professionals, brick and stone cleaning is needed to be conducted via the use of non-intrusive technology which uses a combination of superheated steam, water and soluble particles introduced to the area by means of a lance. The operator is covered head to toe in a respiration suit and the feed pipes are connected to as long as we need them and will even include high rise buildings.

Underpinning - Underpinning is the repair process used in order to remedy the damage caused to a property’s structure and/or foundation. This form of structural damage is more often than not caused by aspects such as subsidence. Underpinning is required as a means to strengthen a build’s structure by bringing additional support to a foundation that has lost its original strength. The importance of underpinning being conducted by professionals is vast given than an error which is done to this repair method greatly compromises the structural integrity of an entire property rending it extremely dangerous. Underpinning entails the excavation of a segment of the ground below an existing building’s foundation in a careful and controlled manner.


Knocking down internal walls - The removal of internal walls is a further structural job that is often attended by untrained homeowners. These types of walls are commonly home to elements such as electrical wiring, which could not only be extremely damaging to your home but dangerous to yourself. Not only that, but often this form of alteration will require permission from the local council, something which industry professionals will be aware of. It's worth getting the advice of a structural engineer before knocking down any internal walls. There's a range of things to consider such as if the wall is load-bearing, which means it supports the upper level of your house, or whether you need permission from your local council before going ahead?


Brick Repair - Brick repair is the remedial process of bringing damaged and worn-out brick back to health and back to its original condition. This is done via a wide range of masonry repair such as repairing chipped brick, frost- damaged brickwork, restoring aged brick, treated decay, and much more. A common form of brick repair which many homeowners endeavour to conduct themselves is repointing. Repointing is the process of renewing the external part of mortar joints, so the part between the bricks in a brick wall. While this may seem like quite a straightforward and easy job, it is nonetheless one that should be left to professionals given that it deals with repairing the structural integrity of a wall.

Basement Conversions - Basement and loft conversions, while extensive projects, are ones that are often attempted without the help of industry professionals. While there are certain aspects of these projects which can safely be done as DIY tasks, there are nonetheless aspects that are crucial to be done by experts. For example, any conversion element which entails any change to be done to the structural integrity of the property such as the removal of beams of pillars. In the same vein, the electrical wiring of a property needs to be carefully considered and understood when conducting basement and loft conversions. These types of jobs are thus best conducted by industry professionals who hold the required knowledge and experience in order to conduct desired structural changes for property conversions.



Structural Repairs are specialist repair business that offers a range of services in turning around both commercial and domestic buildings. With over 30 years of experience, Structural Repairs only employ top tier professionals. All of their work is overseen by qualified members of the Institute of Structural Engineers, who will prepare a project specification to ensure that the correct work is prescribed and performed to preserve the integrity of the building.

A thorough investigation can be performed by a qualified professional, meaning that unnecessary work is avoided, mistakes are not made, and structural repairs are carried out to the highest possible standard.


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