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 FAFF Coffee: FAFF Coffee – celebrating the great outdoors

Offering barista flavour on the go, whether on the beach or staking your claim on top of a mountain, FAFF Coffee is here to help you celebrate the great outdoors this summer. 


Forget lugging around complicated coffee brewers when you’re out and about, all you need now is boiling water, a mug and a spare £11. Yes, speciality coffee really can be that simple. 


With 15 single origin coffee bags included per pouch, you’re paying just over 70p per brew, which means you can enjoy artisan coffee and save some money to enjoy the summer.  So, whether you are starting your day with a campfire, stopping for a rest on a 3-hour hike or enjoying a weekend in a campervan, you can be sure you will have the best tasting coffee with no faff. 

Dave Law, founder of FAFF says of the company’s ethos:


If you can’t brew it on top of a mountain with just a stove and a mug, we aren’t interested.


FAFF’s Coffee Bags contain twice the amount of coffee than other coffee bags, meaning you get a strong coffee every time. Wherever you stop for a coffee, you just put the bag in boiling water, brew and go. It’s accessible, it’s convenient and most importantly, it’s great tasting. 


So easy in fact, that globe-trotting Dave wouldn’t be without his morning cup:

Having spent so long inside over the past 18 months, we are ready to get out there and have some fun. But for us any adventure always starts with a great cup of coffee. So next time you are climbing Snowdon or drying off after a dip on the Cornish Coast, why not give us a try – it’s coffee, but without the faff.


Not only placing the utmost importance on a convenient way to create the perfect cuppa, FAFF is also focused on how it impacts the planet and is working towards being carbon positive. Right now, the team is planting a tree with every order and funding carbon reduction projects with Ecologi. FAFF coffee bags are also completely compostable and made from a renewable material called PLA (polylactic acid), which can go into food waste where they'll break down into compost or be turned into biogas. To go a step further, customers can recycle the packaging, simply by returning the pouch to FAFF Coffee where they will recycle them through a specialist stream with TerraCycle.


Whatever adventure you plan on having, get it off to a great start with FAFF. 

Single Origin Coffee Bags, 15 x15g Resealable Pouch, £11.


101 Rose Street South Lane

Edinburgh, EH2 3JG


 0330 1333760


About Dave Law: FAFF Coffee was founded by Dave Law who has spent 10 years working in Specialty Coffee, initially founding and running Brew Lab Coffee, Edinburgh’s first specialty coffee bar which grew to be one of the leading speciality coffee brands in the UK. More recently as the Head of Innovation at Union Hand-Roasted Coffee – the UK’s leading specialty coffee business. 

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