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The Best Ways to Create Natural Light in Your Home 

Home renovation has been increasing over the last few years, hitting a four-year high in 2022 with nearly half of Brits planning to renovate, and more than half planning to decorate. 


One of the most popular renovation trends is homeowners seeking to blur the line between their home and garden, with the majority opting to extend their kitchen and fit a large patio door out to the garden.  


This is also being combined with a desire to add more natural light into homes, with people opting for large swathes of glass to align with the ‘outdoor-indoor’ trend.  


IDSystems, luxury glazing and bifold door specialists, have detailed the best ways to add create more natural light into your home: 

Triple or Double Height Glass (1).png

Triple or Double Height Glass 


For the ultimate curb appeal, add these triple-height windows onto your home for not only a great look, but also to create tonnes of natural light.  

The art deco-style window in the image above is also a popular trend, with the design mimicking that of 20s art deco style. 


With windows this high it helps to brighten internal spaces, pulling in natural light even as the sun lowers in the evenings. 

Roof Lights.png

Roof Lights 

For an easy addition to your home and a simple way to let more light in, consider roof lights in different rooms of your home. 

Whether your home has a pitched or a flat roof, the minimalist design of these sky lights helps to create natural light in even the smallest of spaces.  

Sliding Doors.png

Sliding or Bifold Doors 

Breaking down the divide between inside and out and making the rooms of your home appear to seamlessly connect with your patio or decking, has been an increasing popular trend for those renovating their homes. 


One of best ways to achieve this is using bifold or sliding doors – both of which will create tonnes of natural light. 


Sliding doors are perfect for larger spaces where you can have minimal framing whilst maximising the glass, and therefore the amount of natural light pouring through. These will be the bestoption if your view is your priority.

Bifold doors are the ultimate tool in ‘letting the outside in’ due to how they open. Once you’ve opened the doors fully you will have an almost completely open space to make the most of your outdoor space.

Picture Windows.jpg

Picture Windows 


Having windows in your home is essential, of course, but extra attention can be given to the styles of windows you choose for ones that create that all important extra natural light. 

Opting for picture windows can not only make a statement, but also create tonnes of extra light whilst framing a beautiful view of the outside.  

Glass To Glass Corner Windows.jpg

Glass-to-Glass Corner Windows 

Take your windows to the next level and make the most of the corners of your home, with frameless glass corners – creating extra natural light even in the smallest of corners. 

These frames create a real ‘wow-factor’ in the home, and combined with a place to sit can become a tranquil area of the home where you can soak in the views of the outside. 

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