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Top tips for keeping your home secure this summer

By Sean Mac Anbhaird, Managing Director, Core Sash Windows

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On a hot summer’s day, that feeling of a cool draft billowing through the house is nothing short of incredible. But remember to keep in mind that whenever there is a chance to strike, an opportunist will take it. 

It can be difficult to balance cooling your home down with maintaining security, particularly in urban areas where opportunists are more likely to be walking by.


Follow my top tips to make sure your home is cool and secure…

Install window restrictors

Cheap and easy to fit, window restrictors are nifty contraptions that are the perfect way to ensure your home is always secure, even when the windows are open.

If you need to have your windows open during the day, or night, it is best to fit restrictors to be sure that any opportunists don’t have easy access. 

But remember, if a thief steals your belongings through an open window, this could be grounds for your home insurance cover to be null and void, even with window restrictors. Be sure to check with your insurance provider for scenarios that could invalidate your insurance.

Grow or plant a hedge

Obscuring vision into your home is a key security defence and so are physical barriers to entry.


A thief on the lookout for opportunities through open doors and windows will stand out if they are peeping over a tall hedge or negotiating their way past one to gain access.


An added bonus here is that plants are a beautiful addition to any front porch or garden.


Install sheer, light curtains or blinds

Similar to the above, another great way to obscure views into your home along with valuables within it is to install sheer curtains or blinds.

These are great during a heatwave as it means that any opportunists passing by won’t have an easy quick view inside, deterring them from seizing the moment.

Another added bonus is that they give you privacy from any neighbours or other passers-by.

Install sensory lights outside

During a heatwave, sweltering temperatures extend into the evening making it difficult to sleep comfortably.

The ideal situation is to have your windows open throughout the house to encourage a through-draft. However, this might make one feel slightly more vulnerable than usual.


Along with window restrictors, it is a good idea to have a sensor spotlight fitted at the front or back of your home.


Any opportunists or thieves lurking will be surprised and likely run away from any sudden bright lighting.


Remember that security is also about keeping people in

While we tend to think that keeping your home secure means keeping unwanted people out, it’s also important to keep certain people in.

Child safety and security are hugely important, especially during a heatwave. Naturally curious and with a limited concept of danger, little ones can easily climb through windows and open doorways.

Additionally, vulnerable people under constant care need protection too.


Again, I highly recommend window restrictors for this purpose. A stuffy and hot home during a heatwave is not a comfortable environment for young children, nor for vulnerable people who spend many hours of the day at home. 


Window restrictors allow you to have peace of mind knowing that any open windows are less likely to pose a danger.

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