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New research reveals the biggest summer garden trends that will transform your space!

New research, conducted by interior experts Atlas Ceramics, analysed Google searches for garden trends over the last two years, as well as Instagram posts and TikTok views to reveal the biggest garden trends of the summer! 


1 – Urban Gardening, garden trend score of 9.13/10:
Rising from second place last year is urban gardening. This trend is still very popular on social media, with 2.12 million urban gardening Instagram posts and a further 52.8 million views on TikTok, more than double its total in 2022, which could explain its rise to the top spot this year. As the citizens of big cities have less garden space, urban gardening is a great way to take advantage of what outdoor space is available.

2 – Natural Swimming Pools, garden trend score of 8.69/10:
Natural swimming pools are the second biggest garden trend of 2023, placing highly thanks to the 71.3% increase in Google search volume. This trend involves building a natural-looking pond and using plants as a natural filtration system, keeping the water clean whilst also upping the biodiversity in a garden.

3 – Raised Garden Beds, garden trend score of 8.63/10:
Taking third place are raised garden beds. This trend is perfect for sectioning off parts of your garden and keeping pests away. Raised beds are also more productive too, thanks to being off the ground, warming the soil and extending the growing season of plants. It ranks high thanks to 2.75 million Google searches over the last 12 months, taking third place for that factor.

4 – Outdoor Kitchens and Pergolas, garden trend score of 8.6/10:
In fourth place is a new entry on the list. Outdoor kitchens are the fourth biggest garden trend of 2023, with a score of 8.6 out of 10. This garden trend extends your living space into the garden, making them perfect for entertaining outdoors and making cooking in the open air a breeze. This trend ranks high thanks to over 200 million TikTok views.

Last year Pergolas took third place as the most popular garden trend and this year have moved down to a joint fourth place. The trend is the perfect addition to a deck or patio, providing shelter and shade so you can get the most from your garden if the weather isn’t perfect. Pergolas rank highly thanks to social media posts, placing in the top three for both Instagram posts and TikTok views.


5- Garden Gnomes, garden trend score of 8.50/10:
Dropping from first to fifth place this year are garden gnomes, with a trend score of 8.5 out of 10. Despite ranking in the top ten for every factor last year, garden gnomes seem to be falling behind when it comes to Google searches. The trend dropped by 3.8% between 2022 and 2023, as many people may consider them kitsch and unfashionable.


1 – Urban Gardening, 2,119,722 Instagram posts:
Urban gardening remains the most popular garden trend on Instagram in 2023. There are over 2.12 million posts depicting urban gardens and gardening efforts, a slight increase of 6.35% from last year’s 1.99 million. The trend is becoming increasingly appealing to green-fingered citizens as more people grow concerned about the environmental impact of shop-bought fruit and vegetables.

2 – Fire Pit, 1,982,065 Instagram posts:
Fire pits are still the second most Instagrammed trend. Perhaps, thanks to a Love Island influence, these outdoor features have become very popular due to creating the perfect space for entertaining outdoors, you can enjoy your garden even in the coldest months. There are 1.98 million Instagram posts for the trend in 2023, a small rise of 7.60% since 2022.

3 – Pergolas, 1,274,048 Instagram posts:
Up next are pergolas, a new entry in the top three, skyrocketing from 17th place in 2022. Pergolas allow you to extend your living space beyond the walls of your home and are easy to install with a little DIY knowledge. The item of outdoor furniture has seen a whopping rise of over 6000% in Instagram posts since last year, and currently has more than 1.27 million posts on the platform.


1 – Fire Pit, 645,600,000 TikTok views:
Fire Pits are still by far the most viewed garden trend on TikTok, with videos of this trend being viewed 645.6 million times, which is an increase of 81.60% since last year. This means that fire pits have had over 250 million more views than the next most popular trend on the social media platform.

2 – Pergolas, 393,000,000 TikTok views:
Pergolas also haven’t moved as the second most viewed trend on TikTok. These outdoor structures provide protection from the weather, making them useful all year round to enjoy your garden. There have been 393 million views of videos containing pergolas to date, an astronomical rise of 811.83% since 2022.

3 – Outdoor Kitchens, 204,200,000 TikTok views:
Up next is a new entry on the list, outdoor kitchens, with 204.2 million views on the platform. Outdoor kitchens can be decorated in a range of stylish finishes with micro cement and tiled designs being the main trends of 2023. Having a space to cook in the open air is perfect for entertaining in the summer months, which could explain its popularity on the platform.


1 – Tapestry Lawns, 285.6% increase in Google searches
Taking the top spot as the garden trend with the biggest increase in searches year-on-year are tapestry lawns. Tapestry lawns are an alternative to traditional grass lawns, replacing them with low-growing flowering plants. Searches have increased by over 265% from 2022 to 2023.

2 – Natural Swimming Pools, 71.3% increase in Google searches
Up next are natural swimming pools. This garden trend of building an artificial pond and using plants to filter the water, rather than harmful chemicals, creates a perfect environment for wildlife and is great for relaxing in the summer too. Searches for this garden trend have increased by 71.3% year-on-year.

3 – Sanctuary Gardens, 60.3% increase in Google searches
Taking third place are sanctuary gardens with a 60.3% increase in searches year-on-year. This garden trend promotes well-being by turning gardens into peaceful retreats to relax and recuperate away from hectic modern life. Sanctuary gardens are on the rise as people are increasingly aware of their mental health and the positive effect gardening can have on mental well-being.

You can view the research in full here:

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