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How to add stained wood elements to your kitchen

New tips from Herringbone, the award-winning family-run bespoke cabinet and furniture maker, about how to add stained wood elements to your kitchen. This includes natural, stained, detailed or washed wood statement pieces such as islands, dressers or display units to bring warmth, elegance and luxurious textures into the kitchen space. Tips from William Durrant, owner of Herringbone.

The effect stain wood adds to a kitchen 

  • Texture: stain wood is a great element to add to a kitchen as a texture. Not only does wood grain look fantastic as a visible element but it also adds depth to face on view creating a bit of a “wow-factor” 

  • Warmth: exposed timber will bring a tone of warmth to a space and offset against whites as well as cool colours. The tone of the wood can create a warm atmosphere but bringing a natural element and colour into the home. In addition is also ties in with brass ware for warm tones or offsets the cooler meters such as chrome and nickel 

  • Timeless: by making stain wood a standout element of your kitchen or a one-off piece of furniture you bring in elegance and style. Designing a dresser, display unit or island with wooden doors makes for a lovely and timeless piece of furniture that will stand the test of time 

stained 2.png

Tips for adding wood to your kitchen 

  • The right tones: Pick tones that pair with the colour palette of room and/or cabinets. Look at how this sit with the flooring and other materials in the space. We suggest that you go with 3/4 tones/colours max to create a strong design 

  • Flooring choices: Even though you have wood elements in your cabinets, island or furniture doesn’t mean that you can’t have wood flooring, it just needs to look and feel right. Tiled flooring looks great together with wood also, because of the complimenting materials 

  • Worktop choice: pick the right worktop to go with the wooden element. A stone woorktop adds a touch of elegance and a cooler tone to the space for example so ensure you look at how all the elements and materials look together


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