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Three Spaces in Your Home to Boost Your Shelf-Esteem

Summer is most certainly here and with the sun beaming, you will be wanting to invite more people over for fun in the sun in your back garden – and who doesn’t love a good look around someone’s house too?

You need pride in your home, and this comes from carefully curating your space to be special to you. And shelving is one of the first places we think of when it comes to finding personality in the home. What you decide to decorate your walls with speaks volumes about you as a person.

Perhaps you’re a minimalist who avoids colour or you have an eclectic taste and enjoy bringing brightness into your home – like the TikToker who brings dopamine decor to all new levels in her home with her fruit stools and oversized crayons colouring her walls!


But how do you decorate each room to fit both the function and fun you want to bring into your life? Finding the best balance for your shelves across your house is the key to unlocking the vibrant and organised life you are looking for.


Liven up the living room

Your living room is the hub of your house. It is where your friends and family gather for a cup of tea, the place you spend relaxing when you aren’t asleep, and somewhere you might even eat your dinner at the end of a long evening.

So, making sure this is a space which truly reflects you not only shows your loved ones the time and attention you’ve put into making your house a home, but it is also somewhere for you to enjoy alongside décor and decorations which suit your style.

With your living room, you can make your shelving units a statement piece. Maybe it’s an entertainment unit adorned with your best collections of games or consoles, or more. Or are you  more in tune with the natural elements, choosing to decorate your shelves with bunches of flowers, dried or fresh, both offering their own splendour to your home?

Dominic Walsh, Managing Director at Off the Grain says:


“Shelving is a great option for not only storing your items but also displaying them. If you want a splash of your personality brought to any room, all you need is to add a shelf and some décor.

“The wonderful thing is that these shelves can contain anything. From pictures of loves ones to jars of sand from the seaside – whatever makes you smile can be displayed on your walls.

“You don’t even have to waste floor space worrying about where to put things in an already-tight room, a shelf can be perfect storage within arm’s reach.”

How to scent your hallway


If you’re inviting your family over for a BBQ in the sun or your friends for a fun night in, then the likelihood is that they will be traipsing through your hallway at some point – whether this is to reach your beautiful back garden or while jogging to the toilet.


Your hallway is often the first-place people notice in your home and so making it a warm and inviting space is crucial for a good first impression – you don’t want your pile of coats cramming the banister to let you down.


Simplicity and functionality is key. Think of how you want to present to anyone coming to your home for the first time – even if it is just the plumber! Do you want your house to have a specific scent? Then a reed diffuser can be a great shelf addition to freshen up your area, even with the sweatiest of shoes!


One trend which isn’t going out of style anytime soon is wall panels to add texture and tranquillity making the welcoming entrance your house so deeply needs.

Balancing your bathroom

When it comes to your bathroom, it can be easy to stick with the functional shelving – shampoo bottles, toilet rolls, and cotton swaps galore! But did you know you don’t have to only use your bathroom shelves to store your next body wash?

Instead, they can be a great place to put bathroom-themed décor including the cheeky “get naked” signage. Bathrooms can often be limited in their colour palette – with blues and white being dominant features, so adding a splash of colour on your shelves can truly lighten up the room.

And if you have limited space and want to add décor without sacrificing the space for your much-needed items, then why not use these as decoration themselves? Folded toilet rolls can be impressive – so why not show off your origami skills? Or you could even use the bright, colourful, and amazingly scented bath bombs to add the “oo” into “bathroom”.

Curating your spaces doesn’t have to be a bore. In fact, with so many rooms around your house, you could do a different thing with every single one if you wanted.

Shelving is the perfect link between functional and fun – letting you not only explore different design and décor including stocking your favourite flowers and quotes, but also finding aesthetic ways of displaying what you need from your shelves – including those keys stuffed in a bowl by your front door!

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