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Expert shares six simple ways to keep your home cool this summer

It finally feels like we’re getting the summer sun that we’ve always wanted. All too often, we find ourselves spending the ‘warmer’ months still wrapped up in jackets and clutching brollies – so it’s no surprise the nation has been lapping the weather up.


However, as we’ve become accustomed to such mediocre weather, us Brits don’t do too well when trying to cope in the heat. So much so, that in the last 30 days Google searches have skyrocketed for ‘how to stay cool at night’ (+2,850%) and ‘how to keep cool in summer’ (+600%) – as UK residents search desperately for ways to survive the heat wave.


So, to lend a helping hand, Jo Winston, Sales and Marketing Director at St. Modwen Homes, is sharing six steps you can take to try to keep your home cool during the sunny season. 


“It’s something we hear people say every year, but despite how much we love it, us Brits just aren’t built for the heat – and neither are our homes. Due to our dull weather conditions, UK homes are built to trap heat to help homeowners stay warm during the winter. Leaving us feeling hot and bothered during the summer months. However, don’t panic, as there are a number of tips and tricks you can adopt to help you get back to enjoying the sunshine.

  • Close your curtains or blinds to block out the sun. 

  • Try to avoid using the oven (if you can) – and maybe opt for finger food in the garden.

  • Place a tray of ice or bowl of cold water in front of your fan.

  • Hang a wet sheet in front of the window to help bring the rooms temperature down.

  • Opt for breathable bedding – cotton or linen sheets are a good option.

  • Don’t charge technology overnight (as this will generate additional heat in your bedroom). 

“So, there you have it, a few small and simple ways to help you get through this year’s sunny season. Because let’s face it, despite the constant sweltering and repetitive sneezing, we’ll miss it when it’s gone again!”​

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