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Interior design and colour expert reveals 7 features guaranteed to transform your bedroom into a romantic haven 
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From romantic city breaks to spontaneous holiday romances, for many of us summer really is the season of love. That said, rekindling that holiday spark when we return to our day-to-day lives at home is a challenge for lots of us.

To help keep the sparks flying throughout the rest of the summer and beyond, Catriona James, interior design and colour expert at premium paint brand Tikkurila has outlined seven key design features guaranteed to transform a bedroom into a romantic haven. 


So whether you’ve been inspired by this year’s Love Island Hideaway or are simply wanting to create a more intimate space, here’s how you can go about completing a romantic bedroom makeover. 

Incorporate a bold and vibrant colour scheme 

Whether your preference is something playful and rich, or a tad more subtle and soft, choosing the right paint colour is essential for creating the perfect environment for you.

If you’re wanting to evoke romance using colours associated with love and intimacy, reds and pinks may be the perfect fit for you. With pink believed to enhance feelings of femininity and passion, and hot pink and red inspiring more rebellious behaviour, it’s important that you find a tone that suits you and your partner's personality. 

Catriona James, interior design and colour expert at Tikkurila adds: “Colour is a form of non-verbal communication. Even if you don’t realise it, certain colours will make you feel different emotions.

“With Love Island being one of the most talked about shows to hit our screens this summer, the Hideaway is the perfect example of how to use colours to encourage romance. 

“Designers used bright, bold and sophisticated colours such as golds, purples and pinks, to add drama and intrigue to the space.”

Perhaps unsurprisingly the show has led to Google searches for ‘Love Island villa decor’ to spike by a whopping 100% across June & July compared to the two months prior. So if you’re looking to incorporate European villa style vibes into your home you may not be alone! 

Use contemporary lighting 

With everyday life getting in the way it can sometimes be difficult for yourself and your partner to find the time for romance. Therefore, having the right lighting is a great way to enhance those intimate moments. All you need is to find the right dimmers, lamps or fairy lights. 


Using more ambient, soft lighting will be beneficial for creating a cosy, intimate space that’s possible whenever you like. Investing in low lighting rather than having the bright main lights glaring on you will enable feelings of calmness, passion and romance. 


Find room for a full length mirror

Mirrors not only work to add light themselves but they also help to open up a room, giving a head to toe view and creating the illusion of a larger space. 

You can position your mirror wherever you would like but if you’re wanting that calm environment, try placing your mirror opposite your bedroom window so you can see the view from outside. Alternatively, put your mirrors either side of the bed to make your room feel bigger and brighter which will add to the comforting vibe.

This year's Hideaway included a new full length mirror that was framed with a purple glow from LED lights. From a design perspective this placement was strategic as it reflected the bed which was centred in the middle of the room. This positioning makes the mirror the focal point from wherever you choose to stand.

Go all out with a statement bed 

Who doesn’t love a hint of luxury? A statement bed not only adds to the bedroom aesthetic, but it’s a great way of incorporating some personality into your room.

Whether it’s something striking and bold, or more neutral and low key, you can style your bed however you like - and even coordinate the colours with the room.

But what about bed size? Beds that are too small can affect the quality of your sleep due to feeling cramped, so it may be beneficial to double up and go for a king sized one. Having plenty of space for couples to stretch out or snuggle up and watch a movie can be great for your relationship and sleep. 

Compliment the room with soft-textured furnishings 

Not only do pillows and throws tie a space together by bringing in and complimenting the colours that are used elsewhere in the room, soft textures also have the potential to transform a room into a welcoming one.

Adding cushions, wall hangings, bedding, curtains and rugs can make the room look more visually appealing - which will make you want to spend as much time in there as possible.

One of the most eye-catching furnishings are floor length curtains. They’re appealing to the eye and paired with soft lighting can form a more luxurious, private and personal space for you and your partner. 


It’s no coincidence that this year’s Hideaway was filled with cushions and throws as well as velvet and sheepskin pillows.

Add eye-catching accessories

No romantic space is complete without a couple of bold and eye-catching accessories. Think dazzling chandeliers, statement vases and rustic fireplaces. 

If you’d prefer something slightly more subtle, why not find a colourful piece of wall art to complete your romantic sanctuary?

Don’t forget about the power of scents 

Fragrances and scents - not only do they smell divine, but they have a powerful way of relaxing and comforting us. Studies have actually shown that smells are able to induce great amounts of emotions and enable intense feelings. 

To complete your bedroom makeover scented candles are the perfect finishing touch that not only smell lovely but contribute to the ambience and cosy vibe. Having candles of different sizes creates a relaxed and intimate atmosphere that is sure to spark romance. 


If you’re not one for candles, or you’re not able to use them in your property, there are plenty of other ways you can create an aroma in your room. Try displaying fragrant plants, use scented diffusers or essential oils to really add to the mood.

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