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AI design tools - do they make or break your ideal home project?

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For those who plan to renovate/update their home but don’t have the time or skills (or money) to create a detailed design brief, AI design tools could be an option. These are claiming to change the way people plan and execute their home projects as they offer a faster, easier, and more fun alternative to traditional briefing. Whether you want to spruce up your living room, remodel your kitchen, or redecorate your bedroom, you can find an AI design tool that suits your needs and preferences. 

People started using generative AI drawing programmes to come up with ideas and concepts and sometimes opt for ChatGPT when it comes to writing the architect's brief, but do these tools understand all the design requirements or are homebuilders missing out by not talking to the architect about the brief in person?


Paul Testa from HEM Architects, a sustainable expert at our client's Homebuilding & Renovating Show, has tested the options and could provide his thoughts for a comparison feature idea. 

AI trends for homebuilding  


There is now a move towards a more digital-centric planning process so the policies are much easier to follow and the creation of digital tools so that people can easily upload their house design and show what they can or cannot do. 


The introduction of building information modelling where different 3D models are being worked on at the same time and any issues can be easily spotted e.g Steel beam going through a roof light before getting on site is on the increase.  


AI cost management programs that can price up the cost of the build based on the 3D model produced by the architect and all the materials used are increasingly being employed.  


AI robots are being used to mark out where walls will be on site so that the builder just has to come on site and build the walls rather than doing all the measuring and then building.  


AI is being embedded into CAD software that handles less glamourous jobs such arranging joists and insulation design.  


AI software for builds will learn after each job. This will enable the AI to optimise the amount of material required for a specific-sized home, so there is less material wastage and a reduction in the cost for the client.  

Images by HEM Architects

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